‘My predictions were right’: Meghan McCain says her home state of AZ has gone ‘full blown MAGA’

Meghan McCain has weighed in on the highly-anticipated Arizona gubernatorial primary, sarcastically congratulating her home state on going “full-blown MAGA.”

Backed by former President Donald Trump, Kari Lake is looking at a small lead over opponent Karrin Taylor Robson. This did not sit well with McCain, who has a history of voicing her opinions on Trump and those he supports. She took to Twitter to air her grievances and issue a warning:

“I see my initial predictions were right despite the initial excitement of Robson pulling ahead – Congratulations to my home state for full making the transition to full blown MAGA/conspiracy theory/fraudster,” she said. “The voters have spoken – be careful what you wish for…”

As of Wednesday morning, the race between Lake and Robson was too close to call, but that hasn’t stopped social media from weighing in on it, as well as McCain’s reaction:

Sierra Marlee


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