US preparedness for hypothetical Chinese attack in question: ‘We’re not ready for it’

As tensions ratchet up between the United States and China, it is becoming increasingly clear that America is not prepared for the kind of military altercation that could occur, according to Rogue States Project president Harry Kazianis.


On Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson asked his guest the degree to which he believes China is bluffing with regard to their threats against America and its elected officials such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Kazianis had a bleak outlook on the future of a potential fight between the two global superpowers.

“Oh, Tucker, I’m going to be honest with you. They’re not bluffing at all,” he posited. “They’ve been preparing for this scenario for thirty years. And if you go back to 1995, 1996, we had a similar situation with China when Taiwan’s president wanted to come back to Cornell University to visit his alma mater.”

However, things are nowhere near the same as they were in the 90s, Kazianis explained.

“But at the time the United States was the overwhelming military superpower. We had no problems worrying about China. In fact, Chinese military officials couldn’t even find our aircraft carriers, today the situation is very different. The Chinese have prepped for the scenario. They have thousands of ballistic cruise missiles, hypersonic missiles, carrier killer missiles,” he added.

He then gave a brief overlook of how a hypothetical war would start if China chooses to engage the United States, though the results he provided were quite grim, to say the least.

“So if there was a war between the United States and China, the first thing you’re going to do is they’re going to attack with a bolt from the blue. They’re going to destroy our satellites in orbit,” Kazianis said. “They’re going to destroy our communications equipment. We’re not going to fight about transgender issues on TikTok anymore because it’s not going to work in the United States and then they’re going to destroy our aircraft carriers, destroy all of our bases in Asia. This is all been gamed out. I’ve actually fought this war in simulators for over ten years. You know, it happens every time, Tucker. We lose.”

“So everyone prays it would never get to a point anywhere near what you describe,” Carlson pointed out. “Of course, it could. And the Chinese have not been, I don’t think, very subtle about telegraphing their intentions in the face of this looming threat from this rising power. How has the entire United States Congress sat back and continued to fund a military that gets weaker, more politicized every year? I don’t understand that.”

“I mean, a lot of this is mis-prioritization. I mean, it feels like we’re forever stuck in a Cold War mindset. I mean, we’re forever stuck in this idea that we’re the dominant hegemon, a lot of our foreign policy thinking seems like it’s stuck in the 1990s,” Kazianis replied.

“You know, the unipolar moment, if you will, where the United States is omnipotent, can do anything. Nothing can happen to us. You know, we’ve got the Atlantic, the Pacific, we’ve got Canada and Mexico and nothing can permeate our space,” he added. “But I think 9/11 proved that that, you know, obviously can happen. And I think China proves that this threat is very real. And let’s face it, Tucker, we’re not ready for it,”


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