NBC News slammed for ringing in 2024 by touting racist anti-white study: ‘I’m so sick of this trash’

Like the rest of the mainstream media, NBC News continues to drift farther away from its journalistic roots into a pure purveyor of left-wing propaganda and kicked off the new year by showcasing a junk history study that to no surprise, pushes an anti-white agenda.

Rather than an uplifting message at a time of political divisiveness and economic uncertainty, the outlet featured a piece penned by a black writer who cites an academic study titled “Confederate Diaspora” that “outlines how white people’s migration during and after the Civil War, from the Confederate South to the West, bolstered white supremacy and institutional racism in non-slave states, helping create the vast racial disparities that exist today nationwide.”

In his piece published on NBC News’ X feed titled “How ex-Confederates spread racist attitudes far and wide after the Civil War,” Curtis Bunn who writes for a corporate division called NBC BLK rings in the new year with a message hating on whitey, a theme that has saturated the establishment media since the unfortunate fatal encounter of a certain career criminal and drug addict who perished while resisting arrest at the hands of Minneapolis police on Memorial Day in 2020.

According to the author, “Five researchers from separate colleges collaborated on the study, called “Confederate Diaspora,” to compile and study census data that tracked the migration to the West of white Americans, including 60,000 former plantation owners. The former Southerners took on local positions of authority, like police officers, clergy and politicians, giving them influence to create a post-Civil War culture that continued to oppress Black people even after slavery had ended.”

“This results in structural and systemic racism in almost every walk of life today — education, housing, jobs, health care and wealth, among other areas — that continues to hamper progress for Black people,” Bunn writes, referencing a study by a nonprofit called National Bureau of Economic Research.

The blatantly racist piece drew outrage from users on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter.

The biggest purveyors of hate in America, the media didn’t waste any time picking right up where they left off.

Chris Donaldson


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