New York Gov Hochul says forcing kindergarteners to wear masks in school like making them wear shoes

New York’s Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul thinks forcing your five-year-old children to wear an ineffective, developmentally-stunting, oxygen-depriving mask in school is no different than making them wear shoes.

“My daughter had a meltdown about having to put sneakers on to go to kindergarten,” Hochul said during a press conference on Friday, in which she was asked about a timeline for removing mask mandates in schools. “She got used to wearing sneakers in school. They adapt better than adults do.”

The governor then stated that she is “looking forward” to lifting the mandates and acknowledged that “people are tired” of them, in an exchange that neither answered the reporter’s question nor set well with social media.

Radiologist Pradheep Shanker wanted to know where Governor Hochul’s mask was:

And Rasmussen called into question Hochul’s sanity:

Lee Zeldin, a Republican Congressman and candidate for Hochul’s replacement, called the governor “Andrew Cuomo 2.0” and claims the tone-deaf governor “just doesn’t get it.”

Mediate Senior Columnist John Ziegler pointed out that “you don’t breath/speak using your feet.”

And the always outspoken Mike Cernovich simply called it “evil.”

This isn’t the first time Governor Hochul has jumped head-first into muddy mandate waters. While being very vocal in her support of mask mandates, Hochul was harshly criticized in October, after being spotted at a Broadway play sans mask.

The governor has said that she expects most school districts to suspend mask-wearing once the statewide mandate is lifted next month.

Melissa Fine


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