New Yorkers prepare for home deliveries of marijuana, edibles thank to new rules

New York stoners are rejoicing this weekend.

Thanks to new rules unveiled Friday by state regulators, ordering their favorite strains of marijuana and THC-infused edibles will be as easy as ordering Kung Pao chicken because newly licensed retailers can now deliver the green goodies to their homes, even if their pot shops have yet to open for business.

When the weed arrives, cannabis consumers must be able to show ID proving they are at least 21 years old, and their orders must be placed online or over the phone, as delivery workers are prohibited from accepting cash payments, the New York Post reports.

Deliveries may arrive via bicycle, scooter, car, or other modes of transportation, according to the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM), which likens the process to restaurant deliveries.

Retail licensees can employ up to 25 staffers to make the delivery runs, and the programs must comply with all existing public health and safety regulations, the OCM says.

In a statement, OCM detailed the path to receiving the green light to deliver.

“CAURD [Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary]  Licensees will be able to receive approval from the Office of Cannabis Management to begin delivery to customers, jumpstarting sales of New York cannabis products with a model that will help them compete,’ OCM explained.

For up to one year, while building their permanent dispensaries, pot sellers can fulfill delivery orders out of a warehouse.

Last month, 28 entrepreneurs and eight not-for-profit groups received preliminary approval as the state’s first licensed marijuana dispensaries from the Cannabis Control Board.

The first legal, licensed pot shop is set to open on 125th Street, across the street from Harlem’s iconic Apollo Theater, according to the state Dormitory Authority.

But not all the buzz is good in the Big Apple.


A recent study conducted by the New York Medical Cannabis Industry Association — in concert with the NJ Cannabis Trade Association and Connecticut Medical Cannabis Council — found there are “likely tens of thousands of illicit cannabis businesses” currently being run out of New York City bodegas, smoke shops, and other storefronts, and some are selling weed that is either bad or dangerously tainted.

The survey “bought cannabis products from 20 unlicensed stores that publicly advertise selling marijuana, and had the products tested by an independent lab,” The Post reported.

The results were horrifying.

The “presence of potentially deadly E. coli, salmonella, heavy metals and pesticides” was detected in many of the tested items, and, in one example, THC levels in a popular gummy bear edible allegedly tested at twice the advertised level.

“The estimated number of ‘back room’ illicit locations in New York City is far too vast,” the study stated.

Online, news of the new regulations is being met with skepticism.

“Ah, NYC, where you can be strangulated for selling a single cigarette but can have pot delivered to your door,” said one Twitter user. “Oh my.”

“Can’t pay my bills or my student loan so what the heck let me do some drugs,” tweeted another.

“Can’t wait to read how many are robbed,” wrote a third.

Others, however, welcome the convenience of a home-delivery option.

“Delivery sounds great,” one user tweeted. “It sounds like someone is being rational.”


Melissa Fine


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