Newsom lifts mask mandate for vaxxed, Ted Lieu’s take on it is unmatched

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If you blinked, you may have missed the seismic shift or “wild pivot,” as conservative commentator Clay Travis referred to it, where suddenly the left has moved away from a government mandate on masks to individual choice. Just as remarkable, Democrats act as if red states like Florida haven’t been lightyears ahead of them on this front.

New Jersey, Connecticut, Oregon and Delaware have announced plans to drop mask requirements for schools. California stopped short of dropping mask mandates for schools, but Gov. Gavin Newson did announce Monday that the statewide indoor mask mandate will expire on 2/15, although the Democrat declared unvaccinated people will still need to wear masks indoors — good luck trying to enforce that.

U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., took to social media to tout Newsom’s decree, getting it all wrong as he often does by declaring the governor was “leading the way in returning America safely back to normal again.”

“In a sign of potentially more seismic moves to come, state officials also announced Monday they are working to update school masking requirements. Currently, everyone on a K-12 campus must wear masks indoors,” The Los Angeles Times reported.

“Omicron has loosened its hold on California, vaccines for children under 5 are around the corner and access to COVID-19 treatments is improving,” said Dr. Tomás Aragón, the state’s director of public health and health officer, according to the newspaper. “With things moving in the right direction, we are making responsible modifications to COVID-19 prevention measures, while also continuing to develop a longer-term action plan for the state.”

Turns out, some Democrats are reluctant to do away with forced masking, as Fox LA reported that Los Angeles County Health Director Barbara Ferrer says her county will not go along with Gavin’s direction:

Travis shared footage of  CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen suggesting parents should get to decide whether their kids wear masks in schools — this being the very position the media used to pounce on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for weeks. As seen below, Travis noted that the coincidence of this “wild pivot” coming after former CEO Jeff Zucker stepped down.

With midterm elections only 9 months away, conservative talk radio host Jesse Kelly made an astute observation in reference to likely polling on the issue, “In the end, the best COVID vaccine wasn’t Pfizer. It was Rasmussen.”

In what appears to support that notion, freelance writer Drew Holden pointed out that there nearly three times as many COVID-19 cases today as when he began urging people to mask up last year:

Here’s a sampling of reactions to the story from Twitter:

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