NHL video game reportedly forbids users from creating ‘Team Trump’

Playing video games included playing politics for the latest edition of one sports simulator that included a “profane” presidential preference.

“I would say this is unbelievable, but it’s actually 100% believable.”

Mounting concerns over artificial intelligence (AI) programmers building biases into their code have led to repeated exposure of their penchant for leftist ideologies. Now, Electronic Arts (EA), the California-based game developer behind titles like “Need for Speed,” “The Sims” and “Madden NFL,” appeared to demonstrate a bias of its own regarding past and present occupants of the Oval Office.

Tuesday, social media account Libs of TikTok brought attention to yet another program appearing to apply a double standard between incumbent President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. A video reportedly taken of the naming stage in the “Hockey Ultimate Team” mode of “NHL 24” designated the use of the latter’s surname as “profanity.”

“UNREAL,” captioned Libs of TikTok over the video showing a user being rejected for inputting the name “Team Trump” before being approved for “Team Biden.” Hockey video game NHL 24 won’t let you use the name ‘Team Trump’ because it ‘contains profanity’ but it has no problem letting you use ‘Team Biden.’ Care to explain @EASPORTS?”

“I would say this is unbelievable, but it’s actually 100% believable,” tacked on former NCAA swimmer and fair sports advocate Riley Gaines.

Getting tagged and threatened with the Bud Light treatment hadn’t appeared to motivate EA into issuing a statement on the designation of “Trump” as profanity, but it was worth noting that the video of the naming bias was getting widely circulated the same day the game developer released their latest update.

Tuesday at Noon Eastern Time, “NHL 24” received Path 1.6.0 after players were warned to “complete all online games before this time and date as server instability is expected up to 1 hour after the patch is deployed.”

Bundled with additions to available uniforms and an update on a particular game mode’s rules was a generic note on “Various UI (User Interface) fixes.”

In the age of chatbots and AI image generators promoting critical race theory, DEI principles, transgenderism and the climate cult at the behest of their programmers, it came as little surprise that the Hockey video game would be the latest edition to the Trump Derangement Syndrome roster beside the likes of ChatGPT and Google Gemini.

With that in mind, it also came as no surprise that opponents of the “woke mind virus” and supporters of the former president alike were keen on exposing the “perpetually triggered” and suggesting that a fresh boycott could be on the horizon in line with 2023’s stand against Bud Light’s arrangement with transgender ideologue Dylan Mulvaney that had cost the beverage company billions.

“HEY @EASPORTS REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED TO @budlight,” wrote one user as others highlighted hypocrisy, “If the positions were reversed, Dems would sue for election interference in a heartbeat…Every MSM outlet would call it ‘an attack on the very democracy underpinning our country.'”

Kevin Haggerty


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