‘The View’ stews over Trump’s lowered bond amount with a surprising dissenter

What a difference a few days can make as the celebratory mood on “The View” over the impending seizure of former President Donald J. Trump’s assets turned sour.

Last week when it looked like there was no way that he’d be able to come up with the $464 million bond in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ civil fraud case the co-hosts were gloating, on Tuesday not so much after an appeals court slashed the amount and Trump said he’d pay lower cost to buy a shot at due process.

“He’s also saying the criminal trial could make him more popular,” Whoopi Goldberg whined, referring to the resilient Trump’s remarks about the upcoming Stormy Daniels “hush money” case. “Because a lot of his base is going to side with him no matter what.”

“I guess it makes them feel like they’re victims,” co-host Joy Behar said. “Like he’s a victim, they’re victims, it’s like all of that.”

“But it’s like he’s got how many…,” she asked, turning to Sunny Hostin who said “88 criminal charges across four different jurisdictions…”

“I mean the only thing the guy hasn’t done so far is shoot someone on Fifth Avenue,” huffed Behar. Like he said he could do. He’s gotten, he’s done every crime now and he’s running for the presidency of one of the great countries of the world.”

But in a bit of a stunner, Trump found an unusual voice in his favor when the show’s house racist Hostin disagreed with her fellow harpies, prefacing her take by admitting that it may surprise some people.

“The lowering of the bond was very appropriate, right? We always say that we want everyone to be treated across the legal spectrum in the same way and that we want the law to apply equally in the same way, bonds are not supposed to be punitive,” she said. “They are only supposed to make sure that the person returns to court and answers, you know, whatever charges have been alleged.”

“He does have a valid appeal, as far as I can tell. It seems he has a valid basis to appeal, and so what this judge said is, ‘I’m gonna take $175 million instead of over $400 million so that you can continue your appeal, so that you can continue living your life and doing your business,” she said.

Trump’s recent good fortune with the lowered bond and the windfall from Truth Social going public is really eating at his foes who should be used to his uncanny ability to survive by now.

Chris Donaldson


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