NJ mother takes jab to attend daughter’s wedding, ends up in ER with ‘very high blood pressure’

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A fit, healthy and naturally immunized New Jersey mother who was forced to undergo COVID vaccination to attend her daughter’s wedding in New York City last November wound up in the emergency room first.

According to Fox News, two months after then-NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a vaccine mandate for anyone wanting to participate in indoor dining, indoor fitness or an indoor event, mother Kathleen Zemlachenko, 63, decided to take the plunge.

“After New York City Mayor de Blasio’s vaccine mandates came out, I really had no choice,” she told Fox News, adding that she got vaccinated a couple of months early so that she could have a mother-daughter dress fitting experience in Manhattan.

And she had no choice despite already being naturally immunized.

“I had 3,000 times the antibodies that would have shown somebody as having a positive antibody response,” she said, describing what her diagnosis had been when she’d tested positive for COVID in January of 2021.

But two days after she received the vaccine on Aug. 5th, she “developed a blazing headache and very high blood pressure,” according to Fox News.

“She was ill enough to land in the emergency room at Hunterdon Medical Center in Flemington, N.J. Her blood-pressure reading was 40 points above her normal readings. She and her doctors attributed the episode directly to the vaccine,” Fox News reported.

While the condition did eventually resolve, it did nevertheless disrupt her work schedule and force her to be placed on several hypertension medications.

Looking back at what happened, Zemlachenko has no qualms about directing the blame for her condition squarely on the shoulders of NYC’s Democrat politicians — not her health, not COVID, and certainly not her daughter.

“Zemlachenko emphasized that New York City’s vaccine mandate and the threats around it are what made her get the jab. The family was simply trying to do their best to follow the rules, with unexpected consequences,” according to Fox News.

To be clear, she’s not against vaccines or science and medicine. She reportedly runs a health care consulting business and spent years prior conducting microbiology work on behalf of Quest Diagnostics. But she’s not against choice either.

“Zemlachenko told Fox News Digital that she recommends everyone make their own personal decisions about vaccines, in consultation with their doctors. For example, she said she would advise someone she knows, who has asthma, to get the COVID vaccine, as this person is at higher risk from the respiratory virus,” Fox News noted.

But this alone makes her an “anti-vaxxer” in the eyes of the establishment and far left, both of which are mostly indistinguishable these days.

And indeed, as soon as Fox News published this story to Twitter early Saturday morning, the left’s COVID zealots rushed forth and pounced, impugning the story’s credibility and attacking Zemlachenko, her doctors, and Fox News.


This, critics of the COVID left say, is the modern left in a nutshell: Completely and remorselessly dismissive of anybody else’s experience if said experience doesn’t comply with the tenets of their cultish new religion:

Vivek Saxena


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