No bias here: CNN announces moderator for Trump-Biden debate

When presumptive GOP nominee Donald J. Trump and President Joe Biden face off in their first debate the moderators will be solidly in the corner of the incumbent.

On Wednesday, Trump finally got the mano-a-mano matchup with the man who’s trying to have him thrown into prison, with a catch. It will be broadcast on CNN and moderated by activist anchor Jake Tapper, one of the most openly anti-Trump figures in the entire mainstream media.

Joining Tapper will be Dana Bash, another member of the all-star team of Trump haters fielded by the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” which hasn’t had a good thing to say about the former president since he entered the political realm.

Like Trump’s really going to get a fair shake from a guy who likened him to Hitler.

(Video: CNN)

The debate rules will also heavily favor Biden including no live audience, eliminating the possibility of a repeat of the network’s disastrous New Hampshire town hall last year in which Trump humiliated Kaitlan Collins in front of an adoring crowd, triggering an internal mutiny that cost then-CEO and chairman Chris Licht his job.

Some can already smell a setup.

White House Press Secretary was confronted by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy about the sudden willingness of Biden to debate and whether the about face was spurred by his horrid poll numbers.

(Video: Fox News)

“So should we see this sudden offer from the president to debate as a signal that you guys realized you need to change the subject after some really bad polling?” Doocy asked.

“We had a back and forth on polling yesterday, and it just goes back to the core of what I said to you, which is look, this is a president had a pretty successful legislative tenure in the first three and half years and has delivered on many things that are popular to the American people,” Jean-Pierre responded, giving one of her typical non-answer answers.

ABC will host the second debate set to take place in September. Don’t be surprised if George Stephanopoulos and Donna Brazile get the call and for all anyone knows, the network may even bring back Chris Christie for the occasion.

Chris Donaldson


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