‘No one is above the law’: DOJ refuses to prosecute Garland

The Justice Department has declined to prosecute Attorney General Merrick Garland for contempt of Congress, stating that his refusal to comply with subpoenas “did not constitute a crime.”

Garland’s flouting of congressional oversight authority by rejecting requests to turn over the audio of President Joe Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur led to Wednesday’s House vote to hold the nation’s top law enforcement official in contempt, passing 216 to 207 along party lines.

On Friday, Garland’s department predictably protected its head, effectively telling Congress to go pound sand.

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“The longstanding position of the department is that we will not prosecute an official for contempt of Congress for declining to provide subpoenaed information subject to a presidential assertion of executive privilege,” wrote Carlos Felipe Uriarte, assistant attorney general for legislative affairs.

“Consistent with this longstanding position and uniform practice, the Department has determined that the responses by Attorney General Garland to the subpoenas issued by the Committees did not constitute a crime, and accordingly the Department will not bring the congressional contempt citation before a grand jury or take any other action to prosecute the Attorney General,” Uriarte said.

So much for that “No one is above the law” thing.

But that’s the way the Biden government rolls in a country that now has a two-tiered legal system, one for Democrats, and another for all who oppose them.

A disappointed Speaker Mike Johnson reacted to the DOJ’s refusal to enforce the law and said that Republicans are prepared to take the matter to court.

“The House disagrees with the assertions in the letter from the Department of Justice, and as Speaker, I will be certifying the contempt reports to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia. We will also move to enforce the subpoena of Attorney General Garland in federal court,” the Louisiana Republican said in a statement.

“It is sadly predictable that the Biden Administration’s Justice Department will not prosecute Garland for defying congressional subpoenas even though the department aggressively prosecuted Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro for the same thing. This is yet another example of the two-tiered system of justice brought to us by the Biden Administration,” Johnson added.

In the aftermath of the vote, the attorney general scoffed at lawmakers whom he denounced in a statement accusing them of using their authority as a “partisan weapon” which many would suggest is what Garland has done to the DOJ since he’s been in charge. He also claimed that he was a defender of “our democracy,” the two-word slogan that really means one-party rule by Democrats.

“It is deeply disappointing that this House of Representatives has turned a serious congressional authority into a partisan weapon. Today’s vote disregards the constitutional separation of powers, the Justice Department’s need to protect its investigations, and the substantial amount of information we have provided to the committees,” Garland said. “I will always stand up for this Department, its employees, and its vital mission to defend our democracy.”

Chris Donaldson


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