‘Not a good time to go wobbly’: John Roberts asks why Biden isn’t threatening Iran with ‘unbearable’ consequences

Tensions in the Middle East are on the cusp of “an unprecedented escalation,” and Fox News’s John Roberts wants to know why President Biden won’t “stand up” to Iran and threaten “unbearable consequences” if they mount a direct attack on Israel.

“If Iran were to launch a ballistic missile directly from Iranian territory into Israel, that would be an unprecedented escalation,” Roberts told former CIA station chief Dan Hoffman on Friday’s edition of “America Reports.”

(Video: Fox News)

As BizPac Review reported, Iran warned earlier this week that it would attack U.S. troops in the Middle East if Biden helps defend Israel against Iran’s retaliatory attacks. The Islamic nation is reportedly preparing to hit back at Israel for its April 1 airstrike in Syria which killed several Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) members.

On Friday, The Wall Street Journal reported, “The U.S. rushed warships into position to protect Israel and American forces in the region, hoping to head off a direct attack from Iran on Israel that could come as soon as Friday or Saturday.”

President Biden mumbled a one-word warning to Iran: “Don’t.”

“General Jack Keane doesn’t think Iran will take any action that will provoke a wider war,” Roberts told Hoffman, before playing a clip of the general’s remarks.

“They have a weak air force,” Keane said of Iran. “They have a weak Navy. They have a lot of troops under arms, but they are not particularly well-trained nor are they particularly well-equipped.”

“What they do have is a lot of offensive missiles and drones,” he continued. “Iran knows that war with them would destroy their regime economically and also they would likely lose it. So the leverage has always been on the side of Israel, the United States, and the West, but we absolutely refuse to use it.”

“Do you agree with the general’s assessment?” Roberts asked. “And why would we not use what leverage we have? Why wouldn’t Biden stand up and say to Iran, ‘Don’t you dare do this, because the consequences for you will be unbearable.’?”

“Yeah, we’re not really playing our strong hand when it comes to deterrence,” Hoffman replied.

“I agree with General Keane,” he continued. “I would add only one point and that is, Iran has faced a lot of domestic unrest, and that has also got to be a concern for the regime. They would lose in a direct conflict with Israel, or with the Israeli and the United States, so they don’t want a direct conflict. But they do have to do something because the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) has failed to deter Israel from launching key strikes against IRGC leaders. And, so, that’s where we stand.”

Hoffman recalled the words of the U.K.’s “Iron Lady.”

“The key, John, as you outlined is, what about the day after?” he asked. “What happens after Iran launches their strike? How does Israel respond? How do we respond?”

“To quote Margaret Thatcher,” he said, “to paraphrase her back in the day, ‘It’s not a good time to go wobbly if you’re the President of the United States.'”

“This is one of those times,” Hoffman said, “when leadership really matters and message discipline matters.”


Melissa Fine


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