Not done yet: Husband of woman killed by teen carjackers now taking their parents to court

The conviction of the murderous carjacker responsible for a New Orleans grandmother’s gruesome death set the stage for her widower to mount a new legal challenge against the parents and potentially the city.

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In March 2022, 73-year-old Linda Frickey was pepper sprayed, beaten and then dragged a distance roughly equivalent to two football fields before her arm was horrifically ripped off and she succumbed to her injuries. This week, the then 17-year-old perpetrator, John Honore, was convicted of second-degree murder and faces a potential of life in prison and now widower Rickey Frickey is aiming for further accountability.

Seeking $50,000 in damages for his wife’s murder, Frickey had initially filed suit on March 21, 2023 against the parents of Honore and the three girls who had all pleaded guilty to attempted manslaughter, Briniyah Baker, Mar’Qel Curtis and Lenyra Theophile, but had shelved the case until conviction, the widower’s attorney Donald Hodges Jr. explained to WVUE.

“In this instance, it’s about proving that parents will be held responsible for acts such as this,” said the lawyer.

Hodges further explained, “We are considering options that could possibly include the City of New Orleans, as well as the State of Louisiana, the Office of Juvenile Justice — various actors that we believe — and by we, people involved here — have had an ongoing problem that contributed to this culture that actually led to the death and the murder of Mrs. Frickey.”

The man’s sister, Kathy Richard, told that the objective of seeking damages for loss of income and emotional distress was to “bring awareness to the public that if your children commit crimes, you are liable.”

Reviewing the suit, Fox 8 Legal Analyst Joe Raspanti contended that the case is a difficult one and said, “This is an uphill climb because they have to get liability against the parents or these other entities which are gonna be to a varying degree be difficult to do. Once you do that, the collection of those judgments will be an even larger mountain to climb. So, this is an uphill battle.”

Awaiting a sentencing hearing in January, Honore issued a letter to his victim’s family pleading for mercy for murdering the wife, mother and grandmother.

“To the family of Ms. Linda Frickey, I am John and I am sorry I apologize for you having to go through what you are going through. No person’s family should have to go through that type of hurt,” he expressed.

“I made the biggest mistake of my life that day. I think about what you and the family may be going through every day. I say the our father prayer every day and night,” he continued and added, “I ask for forgiveness everyday.”

Prosecutors had detailed during the trial, “The defendant, after pepper spraying [the victim], grabs her, pulls her out of her car, puts heel to her face, stomps her on the head, gets on top, punches her, gets into the driver seat and you will see decisions made that ended Frickey’s life.”

“She was screaming and pleading for him to stop,” explained prosecutors.

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