NPR boosts mobile billboards on college campuses selling abortion pills ‘delivered to your door’

To celebrate Women’s History Month, one 501(c)(3) “education nonprofit” organization is flooding conservative states and college campuses with mobile billboards touting the availability of abortion pills, “even if your state banned abortions.”

What’s worse, the government-funded NPR and Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB) news outlets are happily promoting the effort.

“Mobile billboards are visiting college campuses in 14 states with abortion bans carrying a reminder that abortion pills are still accessible all across the country,” tweeted NPR on Saturday, with a link to MPB’s report.

“These billboards want you to know how to get abortion pills — even if your state banned abortions,” MPB announced.

According to their website, Mayday. Health’s mission is “sharing education.”

“We hope to empower people to make their own decisions,” the group, which sprang into existence last year after 26 states voted to restrict abortions, claims.

The organization has sent the mobile billboards to “college campuses in 14 states with abortion bans carrying a reminder that abortion pills are still accessible all across the country,” MPB reports.

The billboards feature QR codes “that direct people to resources specific to the state where they are hoping to have pills delivered,” the outlet explains.

But getting the baby-killing pills can be “cumbersome,” MPB states, so Mayday. Health is there to help.

“We do not pretend that they are perfect,” said Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, executive director and president of Mayday. “We wish that everybody could just get these medications as easily as you can get Tylenol or Viagra in this country. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

On its Instagram page, Mayday has proudly posted pictures of the billboards parked in front of businesses such as Hobby Lobby in South Dakota and Austin PBS in Texas.

More are seen on campuses and city streets in states such as Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Missouri, and West Virginia.

“It’s the first day of Women’s History Month – let’s keep writing history by showing everyone how to get abortion pills in all 50 states – because YOU write your history, not politicians,” Lincoln stated in one Insta post.

Writes MBP:

The mobile billboard tour is happening against the backdrop of a lawsuit filed in federal court in West Virginia that could have national implications. GenBioPro, a manufacturer of one of the duo of pills taken for a medication abortion, argues it is unconstitutional for the state to ban the drug and that federal oversight takes precedence over state law.

While abortion pills remain illegal to prescribe in places with abortion bans, the Department of Justice maintains that it is legal to mail pills across state lines.

“It’s exhausting, but we are going to do it. We have to, because I look at my kids and these younger generations, and we won’t give up until we get our rights back,” Lincoln said.

On Twitter, many are outraged over NPR’s promotion of Mayday’s stunt.

“NPR actively in the abortion business,” wrote one user. “Nothing says partisan news more than this.”

“NPR casually telling people to commit crimes,” noted another.

“More of the Left’s war on children,” stated a third. “Now advertising death delivered to your door.”

“NPR just loves abortions,” declared a fourth. “The[y] can’t wait for everybody to have one.”

Melissa Fine


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