NY Gov Hochul showers AG with compliments for ‘fighting against Donald Trump-ism’

The 2022 New York State Democratic Convention took place this week, and in her speech Gov. Kathy Hochul lavished praise on Attorney General Letitia James for her relentless pursuit of “Donald Trump-ism,” because, in a state buckling under soaring crime and fallen police officers, “Orange Man Bad” is a narrative all Democrats can apparently still unite behind.

“What is the greatest threat to the Republican Party?” Hochul asked the crowd. “What is their biggest nightmare?”

“A united Democratic Party, that’s what they’re worried about,” she claimed. “Even on issues we don’t agree, come election time, we cannot allow ourselves to be divided, and never lose sight of the fact that as New York Democrats, we know where we need to go. We share the same destination. Sometimes we just differ on which road to take to get there, right? Is that right? That’s right. We’re all Democrats.”

She then lavished praise on Senator Chuck Schumer, calling him and her Lt. Governor Brian Benjamin, who, as the Daily News reported, just had to pay back the $25,000 he charged to his prior Senate campaign account, after using the money to cover his car payment and other personal expenses.

But the bulk of her love went to her Attorney General Letitia James.

“And talk about passion and heart,” Hochul said, “our Attorney General Letitia James. What a tireless fighter she is. She is amazing. We are so blessed to have her. Not just here in New York but as a national leader in fighting for justice, and fighting against Donald Trump-ism every place it rears its ugly head, she has been out there for us, and I’m so proud of her.”

James was handed a victory Friday when a court ruled that Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Ivanka Trump must testify under oath in the state’s investigation into the former president’s finances.

“Today, a court ruled in our favor that Donald Trump must appear before my office as part of our investigation into his financial dealings,” James tweeted. “No one will be permitted to stand in the way of the pursuit of justice, no matter how powerful they are.”

“Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Ivanka Trump must all comply with this court order and testify before my office within 21 days,” she announced, adding, “No one is above the law.”

“Except Hillary Clinton of course,” replied Matthew Kolken.

That goes without saying.

In fact, it was Clinton who introduced Hochul at the convention, after Hochul secured her party’s nomination for governor.

And while Hochul may have been thrilled to see Clinton back in New York City, embracing HRC warmly and calling her “a great leader,” not everyone felt as warm and fuzzy.

Outside, Clinton was heckled loudly with chants of “Lock her up!”


Melissa Fine


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