Obama throws crumbs to help Biden save face after embarrassing video of White House wandering

After what many saw as an embarrassing visual of Joe Biden’s presidency, former President Barack Obama appeared to throw a lifeline with a tweet showing support for his former vice president.

A much-touted health event at the White House saw the return of the 44th president, his first time back since leaving office in 2017. Celebrating the anniversary of Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act which he signed into law in 2010, the event was also being seen by many as a much-needed shot in the arm for the Biden administration.

“It’s an honor to welcome my friend President @BarackObama back to the White House. I look forward to discussing the big step we’re announcing today that would expand coverage under the Affordable Care Act for families and lower health care costs for hardworking Americans,” Biden tweeted Tuesday.

And after videos began circulating online of awkward moments at the White House event, it seemed like Obama’s response lent some needed support for the failing Biden who is facing cratering poll numbers amid record-high inflation, disastrous foreign policy decisions and soaring gas prices.

“Always great catching up with @POTUS. Thanks for all you’re doing to help even more Americans get access to quality, affordable health care,” Obama tweeted, in what appeared to be a face-saving gesture after the online reaction to videos.

But the scene at the White House a few hours earlier was what the Republican National Committee described as “so sad.”

“Literally no one wants to talk to Joe Biden,” the RNC tweeted along with a short video clip from the event.

While Obama is surrounded by people eager to rub elbows and connect with the former president, Biden appeared a bit lost, seeming to wander alone in the room. Adoring attendees seemed to walk right by the current president to get to Obama, as seen in videos circulating online.

Though some Twitter users pushed back, claiming the video clip was not complete and therefore, “literally nothing” happened.

“During the event, immediately before the RNC video, Biden is in the group with Obama, Vice President Kamala Harris, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and others before he leaves and appears to be searching for someone in the room,” Fox News noted, referring to the RNC video clip.

“After a brief moment, Biden then stops, turns back to gauge how busy Obama is, and then turns and gestures to Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to join him on the stage. She does, and the two then walk back to Obama, who appears to say he will walk over to them later. Biden and Haaland return to her seats and greet other guests,” Fox News added.

Though the debate continued on Twitter about the context and full videos, the images – even for a few moments – set off many reactions.

Images posted online celebrated the return of Obama to the White House.

But even Biden’s attempts to look in charge vanished in the wake of remarks such as this:

Reactions to the spectacle exploded on social media where more videos and comments abounded.

Frieda Powers


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