One-third of Seattle residents consider fleeing soggy socialist hellscape, Portland says ‘hold my beer’

A new poll shows that one-third of Seattle residents are considering fleeing the once-pristine Pacific Northwest locale which has descended into crime-ridden socialist squalor as a result of Democrat rule, a sad and tragic situation with many feeling that the only hope is to put the Emerald City in their rearview mirrors.

According to the June Seattle Times/Suffolk University survey, 33 percent said that they are seriously considering bolting for greener pastures with 67 percent either content with the situation or likely unable to get out.

Of those who are considering leaving, 37 percent identified the cost of housing as the primary reason with the city being recently ranked as the 12th most expensive housing market in the United States with the average home cost over $900,000.

Another 34 percent say that their move would be motivated by concern over public safety with the city’s violent crime rate at a 15-year high according to recent police statistics.

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Escapees from Seattle would do well to avoid its fellow left-coast hellhole Portland, a city that has been even more decimated by Democrat policies with parts of the once-scenic Oregon city resembling some of the worst third-world slums on the planet and what do political leaders do? They double down.

Local health officials will soon begin to further enable the hordes of homeless drug addicts who call the Rose City home with a program to distribute free drug paraphernalia including glass pipes and snorting kits because you just can’t make stuff like this up.

Multnomah County Health Department officials confirmed that they will be passing out the drug usage materials that also will reportedly make available aluminum foil and straws for smokers of fentanyl with health director Jessica Guernsey saying that there’s been a “shift from injection drug use” and the freebies will assist in engaging those who “may not otherwise.”

The news comes as Portland residents are becoming increasingly angry about the city’s “out of control” homeless epidemic.

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“This misguided approach also results in greater risk to public safety for those who simply want to enjoy our city without walking through a cloud of toxic smoke,” said Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, a far-left Democrat who criticized the move.

“Our community would benefit more from the County using its funding to urgently increase treatment and sobering facilities rather than actively enabling this deadly epidemic,” he added.

Seattle city leaders are at least temporarily working to deal with the homeless problem by chasing away vagrants in the vicinity of T-Mobile Park in the downtown area in preparation for hosting this year’s edition of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game this week.

However, the homeless aren’t taking kindly to being dislodged, especially given the history of preferential treatment received, and some are threatening to cause a problem at the game which is being hosted by the local MLB franchise the Seattle Mariners.

“LET’S F**K THEIR DAY UP!” Reads a flyer posted by local vagrants.

“They’ve been pushing us around for months hoping to clear us out of sight for the MLB All-Star game on July 11,” the flyer states. “Let’s make sure all their work was for nothing! Just imagine when the tailgaters and rich assholes show up for the big game they’re going to find exactly what the city worked to hard to prevent: us!”

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