Woman sues after being suspended from government job for complaining about trans co-worker in changing room

A woman is suing the Scottish National Health Service (NHS) board after she was punished for speaking out about her discomfort.

Women’s rights were called into question after a female employee was suspended in January for complaining about having to share a changing room with a trans coworker. The suspension lasted a shocking three months, after which she was reinstated. However, a disciplinary investigation is still ongoing, leading many to wonder how far some organizations will go to protect transgender employees rather than women.

Director of Campaigns at Sex Matters Fiona McAnena called out the atrocious response.

“Making a female employee share changing facilities with a man who identifies as a woman and then suspending her from work for raising her concerns shows that gender ideology has been allowed to trump all other considerations. Do women who work in NHS Scotland not deserve privacy from the other sex?” she asked. “This looks like a Scottish government body prioritizing the feelings of men over the safety and wellbeing of female staff members.”

Neale Hanvey, the Alba Party’s Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy candidate who was MP at the time the incident took place, also took the unidentified employee’s side.

“This has been an unimaginably difficult case for the woman concerned and is utterly scandalous,” he said. “I have been a strong supporter of women’s rights prior to and during my time as the local MP. The woman came to me for help and support.”

He referred the matter to Sex Matters at the time.

While NHS Fife maintained that they are unable to comment on the matter, they made absolutely sure to mention that they are an “inclusive employer.”

“We are unable to comment on matters relating to individual members of staff for reasons of confidentiality,” read a statement. “NHS Fife is an inclusive employer and is committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming working environment for each and every member of its staff.”

The case was brought to the attention of First Minister John Swinney during a campaign stop in Glasgow.

“I don’t know the detail of the case, but I’ll look at that with care,” he promised. “It’s important that the legislative arrangements that are in place under the Equalities Act to protect single sex spaces are applied in practice. That thinking and rationale is important to be applied in practice in all circumstances.”

Sierra Marlee


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