Page Six reports Sarah Palin’s hooking up with fmr. NY Rangers hockey star. And?

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has reportedly been “secretly hooking up with” former Canadian ice hockey player and coach Ron Duguay.

“Spies say that the one-time VP hopeful, 57, has been playing tonsil hockey with Rangers great Ron Duguay, 64,” Page Six reported Friday.

The evidence suggests the tabloid outlet’s “spies” may be correct.

As previously reported, Palin was filmed on Wednesday dining at a Manhattan restaurant.  The footage triggered left-wing outrage because she was supposed to have been in quarantine.

What few noticed at the time was that in the clip, she’d been dining with a then-unidentified man.


According to the Post, that man was in fact Duguay, and his presence alongside her had been no coincidence.

“[W]e’re told that they’ve been [engaging in relations] since late last year,” according to the tabloid outlet.

Not that they’re doing anything wrong or untoward.

“Palin’s high school sweetheart Todd filed for divorce from the former governor of Alaska in August 2019 after 31 years of marriage. They have five children, including former ‘Dancing With the Stars’ contestant Bristol. Her new man, meanwhile, was most recently married to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model Kim Alexis. They divorced in 2016,” Page Six notes.

It’s not necessarily a surprise that Palin and Duguay are a pair. Like the former political powerhouse, Duguay has a history of being targeted by the politically correct left for speaking the unadulterated truth.

After he announced three years ago that he wouldn’t be returning to MSG Network after having spent over a decade offering his analysis, many celebrated his departure.

“Though Duguay was once a beloved player, and he even had some support as an analyst, some things were clearly problematic about his 12-year run with MSG. Since he played between 1977 and 1989, his views on both hockey and the world are pretty dated,” FanSided reported at the time.

“His opinions on things like fighting and women’s hockey are straight out of that time period. Even though Ron Duguay had a great playing career and will remain visible in the community his departure from the MSG studio analysis team is more of a blessing in disguise.”

In 2018, for instance, he slammed a couple officials who’d reportedly done a poor job officiating a game, saying they “would have been better off doing women’s hockey” because “the way they did the officiating, they were kind of soft.”

After backlash erupted, he tried to clarify, saying, “I felt like they didn’t officiate a very rough game tonight. In women’s hockey, there’s no hitting. That’s why I said that. Nothing against women’s hockey. I love women’s hockey — I don’t want the women angry with what I said. It’s just the officiating … I don’t think they did a good job in this physical game.”


This take enraged his critics.

But his supporters noted that nothing he’d said was false:

Palin too has a track record for triggering outrage for simply stating the truth and nothing but the truth.

The former Alaska governor and one-time vice-presidential nominee was in town this week specifically because the trial in her defamation suit against The New York Times had been scheduled to enter the jury selection stage on Monday.

But during the hearing Monday, U.S. District Court Judge Jed S. Rakoff announced that Palin had tested positive for COVID and then rescheduled the hearing for February.

And then, when the left learned two days later that she was not abiding by their COVID zealotry, they snapped, as usual.

Vivek Saxena


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