‘Peak liberalism’: Chrissy Teigen attends WHCD event with flock of servants trailing to hold up her dress

When future historians examine the decline and fall of America as a serious nation, they will find no better example of the terminal rot that permeates every major institution than the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, an annual event that is little more than a disgusting orgy of power-suckling media types who have abandoned their responsibility of holding corrupt politicians accountable, and the grotesque spectacle of celebs like Chrissy Teigen whose grand appearance at Saturday’s ball was an exclamation point on the degeneracy of western liberalism.

The foul-mouthed former pitchwoman for retail goliath Target rolled up at the Washington Hilton with her husband John Legend in a revealing outfit that in addition to exposing plenty of cleavage, featured a long tail trailing behind her that a flock of servants held up in a scene reminiscent of the treatment of European royalty.

“Far-left model Chrissy Teigen walking to the White House correspondents dinner with her servants trailing behind her to hold her dress,” observed Twitter user Collin Rugg who posted a video of Teigen’s arrival. “This is what peak liberalism looks like.”

The royal couple also threw a fistful of crumbs in the direction of the peasants, expressing their support for the cause to a group of climate crazies who were outside the venue to demand that President Joe Biden, already the most hostile leader in the nation’s history to the domestic fossil fuel industry, crack down even harder to stave off the coming environmental doomsday.

Twitter reacted to the celebrity model and the degradation of her servants who should not be referred to by the politically incorrect term of “slaves” which has been stricken from polite discourse.

“The word ‘slaves’ has been updated to ‘servants’ because the word “slave” was triggering to some,” noted Rugg.

“This would be absurd anywhere, but treating the WH Correspondents Dinner like it warrants this level of care/attention to impeccable fashion is an absolute humiliation.” tweeted conservative commentator and SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly.

Other users likened it to the dystopian “Hunger Games” movies as well as remarked on the sluttiness of Teigen’s dress, tails and all.

Inside the venue, the two joined their fellow upper crust degenerates who swilled booze and yukked it up at Biden’s unfunny jokes at an event that former President Donald J. Trump chose to not participate in for obvious reasons.

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Chris Donaldson


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