Perpetually-offended get reality check after someone shouted ‘Let’s go, Brandon!’ to US skaters at Olympics

An all-too-familiar phrase was reportedly cheered out during pairs figure skating at the Winter Olympics in Beijing, setting off a wave of commentary on social media.

As U.S. Olympians performed in a nearly empty arena, since fans are not being allowed due to COVID restrictions, audio allegedly picked up the sound of someone shouting, “Let’s go Brandon!”

Of course,  t seemed immediately clear that the phrase – which has become a sort of rallying cry against President Joe Biden – wasn’t intended for Biden but for U.S. Olympian Brandon Frazier, as the debate began on Twitter.

Viewers took to social media to question the outburst.

The meltdown continued:

Twitter users soon gave those perpetually offended a reality check.


Frieda Powers


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