Politico reports potty-mouthed Biden trashing Netanyahu as a ‘bad f**king guy’

President Joe Biden is alleged to regularly spew profanity about GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump he also reportedly has a tendency for salty language when it comes to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

There is much frustration coming from the White House over the Jewish nation’s ongoing military operation to eliminate the Hamas terror organization, a bloody endeavor that has cost Biden dearly with his rabidly anti-Israel base in an election year and he seems to harbor a bit of resentment for Bibi.

In a Politico column that was published on Sunday, the outlet cited sources who said that Biden is “deeply suspicious” of the Israeli leader whom he is alleged to have privately referred to as a “bad f**king guy.”

The White House denied the claim which was part of a larger story detailing the growing discontent with young voters toward Biden over the administration’s support of Israel with the TikTok generation, potentially costing the potty mouth in chief millions of critical votes in the upcoming election.

“The president did not say that, nor would he,” Biden spox Andrew Bates told Politico, adding that the two leaders have “a decades-long relationship that is respectful in public and in private.”

But there seems to be a pattern with the POTUS spewing F-bombs at political adversaries.

Biden has referred to Trump as a “sick f**k” and a “f**king a**hole,” Politico reported last week and the dyspeptic Democrat has a reputation for his volcanic temper and blue language.

According to the Politico piece, which was penned by Jonathan Martin, Biden has a “deep-seated fear” that Netanyahu is “eager to drag the U.S. into a wider war in the Middle East” on the side of Israel, something that would further alienate the pro-Hamas elements of the Democrat base which is already seething over the lack of a ceasefire.

Martin writes of a conversation with one House Democrat who told him about a dinner with eight colleagues who represented a “cross-section of the caucus ideologically and generationally.”

“It was unanimous that this Israel-Gaza war needed to end now and that Biden needed to stand up to Bibi,” the unnamed lawmaker told the author.

“This is a disaster politically,” the unnamed Democrat told Martin. “The base is really pissed — and it’s not just the leftists. I have never seen such a depth of anguish as I’ve seen over this Gaza issue. Bibi is toxic among many Democratic voters and Biden must distance himself from him — yesterday.”

Biden’s failure to bow to the demands of this anti-Semitic base to force a ceasefire has seen his events disrupted by activists who have heckled him as “Genocide Joe” a nickname that has stuck to him like glue as leftist anger builds and congressional Democrats look to cut off military aid to Israel.

Biden is rapidly approaching a make-or-break moment with the anti-Israel base and frustration with Netanyahu could soon boil over in an ugly way.

Chris Donaldson


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