Pro-abortion forces spent nearly $400M ahead of midterms, and still came up short

Insisting that elections are all about narratives, an anti-abortion proponent is looking back on the midterm elections to a pro-life message as a winning message.

Lila Rose, president of Live Action, a new media nonprofit dedicated to ending abortion and building a culture of life, penned an op-ed published by Fox News that said Democrats failed in their campaign to mainstream abortion extremism.

“Before election day, a narrative is set by the national media that informs how the parties will decide to spend their cash,” Rose wrote. “The media’s narrative, and the subsequent political spending, has a tremendous influence on who wins and who loses. This election, Democrats bet everything on abortion, making it the narrative-setting issue of their campaigns across the country. Democrats and the abortion industry spent $400 million dollars promoting their lies and anti-human agenda.”

“Yet, that singular focus and unprecedented expenditures were not enough for Democrats to achieve a clean victory,” she continued. “That’s because Democrats were spending all their time and money selling something the American people do not want: abortion at any time in pregnancy, performed for any reason, at the taxpayer’s expense.”

Saying Democrats spent $391 million on pro-abortion advertising compared to the $11 million spent by the GOP, Rose noted that is a 35-to-1 ratio.

“The loudest message often wins. Tragically, pro-aborts were louder because they were richer, ” she said, adding that there was much for the pro-life community to celebrate after election day.

“Strong pro-life governors who have passed significant protections for the preborn were overwhelmingly re-elected. Pro-life Republicans will continue to control the state legislatures in a majority of states,” she said. “And it seems highly likely that pro-life leaders will be in control of the U.S. House of Representatives come January, ensuring the worst excesses of the Biden administration’s hostile stance toward preborn Americans will be curbed, and the administration can be properly investigated and held accountable.”

But Rose said there were “major setbacks” in five states: California, Vermont, Michigan, Kentucky, and Montana.

“We must combat the outright lies and misinformation told by the pro-abortion media,” she said, after noting that pro-life forces were defeated in each state.

“The pro-life movement failed to adequately reach enough voters during the midterms,” Rose said. “We have persuasive, mind-changing content, and we even have most Americans on our side when they know the truth, but without matching and exceeding the abortion industry’s reach and resources, we can’t get the votes we need to end abortion and build a culture of life. By saturating the market with the scientific truth about the humanity of a preborn child at all stages of gestation, the human right to life will be a winning political issue in 2024.”

“What the media does not want you to know is that the American people side more with the pro-life movement than with the abortion industry,” she added. “ Specifically, most Americans support limits regarding abortion, and many hold conflicting opinions on the subject. But we know that as voters’ understanding of human development increases, their opposition to abortion does as well.

The editorial said data showed 69% of American women believe that abortion “should be significantly restricted yet legal,” and that 52% who are pro-choice “believe that abortion should be available, at most, during the first three months of pregnancy, allowed only in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother, or never permitted.”

Yet, the left advocates for abortion without limits, aka on demand, at taxpayer expense.

Rose said the “biggest takeaway” from the midterm elections is that the pro-life movement “must maximize its resources to change the media landscape in America,” noting that over 40% of people “change their minds from pro-choice to pro-life after viewing the right content.” She pointed to videos like “Baby Olivia” as an example here.

“This should give us a lot of hope. And it should galvanize us because when we look at the referendum losses, we know that they were a consequence of the lies the pro-abortion side is broadcasting and the unbelievable amount of cash they spent to promote them,” she said.

“The pro-life movement needs to set the narrative, so we can win the narrative,” Rose concluded. “The narrative is the truth that human life begins at the moment of fertilization, that abortion is a violent and unethical act of killing, and that children – regardless of their age – deserve complete legal protection.

“We know that when people learn the truth about abortion and life in the womb, they become pro-life. It is our strategic duty, and our moral obligation, to give every American a true choice when they go to the ballot box. Every American needs to hear the pro-life message. Our future literally depends on it. ”

Tom Tillison


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