Pro-Hamas climate crazies disrupt Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade with gory antics

The performative antics of liberals were on full display during Thursday’s traditional Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City when a group of pro-Hamas activists staged a gory stunt that was as tasteless as it was shocking to viewers.

The protests against Israel’s war on the terrorists in Gaza have provided a perfect vehicle for the usual collection of societal malcontents who have leeched onto the Palestinian cause to promote their typical grievances against capitalism, fossil fuels, and Western civilization in general and they showed up in midtown Manhattan where they briefly disrupted the parade by spilling fake blood on each other with some of the geniuses supergluing themselves to the pavement.

One group wearing white jumpsuits displayed a banner reading “Liberation for Palestine and Planet” staged their silly act which drew boos from paradegoers who turned out to see the massive balloon floats and not for unhinged, overgrown children acting out.

“A free Palestine and the liberation and decolonization of all people, everywhere is deeply linked with the climate movement. If the powers of the West are unabashedly supporting genocide and ethnic cleansing, it is crystal clear that they will not budge an inch in addressing climate breakdown and preventing societal collapse. Climate is a human rights issue, and what we are witnessing right now in Palestine is one of the greatest human rights issues of our time,” the jumpsuit-clad group which calls itself the Seven Circles Alliance said in a statement.

(Video: YouTube/ABC New York)

“Confronting the issues of capitalism, along with colonialism and imperialism, head-on is urgently required by environmental and social justice groups, as well as everything in between,” the group added.

The climate crazies weren’t the only ones showing support for the terrorist organization that massacred over 1,300 Israeli Jews, butchering women, children and babies in their own homes in a cowardly sneak attack last month.

ABC New York reported that 34 people were arrested for protests at the parade.

Chris Donaldson


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