Race hustlers who are PAID to demean guilt-stricken dinner guests mock ‘white women tears’ as disingenuous

A pair of ‘race activists’ who charge white women for coming to dinner so they can insult their white counterparts and call them racists claim “white women tears” are just a cynical ploy employed by their kind to shift the conversation from how inherently bigoted they are to their own hurt feelings.

Yes, society has crumbled to the point that white women are actually paying loudmouthed racists for the privilege of being mocked and demoralized and are appearing on a talk show to confront their accusers for ratings.

(Video: Fox News Digital)

If you missed Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil for any reason other than to shove bamboo spikes into your ears, good for you. You’ll be glad to know Fox News Digital watched it so you don’t have to.

And what an episode it was.

A woman named Ambrosia was labeled a “Karen” — defined by Dr. Phil’s show as an “alleged obnoxious, angry, entitled, and perceived racist White woman who uses inherent privilege to get their way or police other people’s behaviors” — after a video of her fighting with the staff at a UPS store went viral a few years back.

For some reason, she felt compelled to go on the good doctor’s show and cry about it again, arguing that the video wasn’t representative of her typical behavior.

She did so knowing that Saira Rao and Regina Jackson, founders of “Race 2 Dinner” — a group that says they “practice revolutionary, uncompromising truth-telling” to inform white people of their subconscious hatred of black people — were waiting to attack her while Dr. Phil feigned concern and mentally counted his money.

Rao and Jackson are routinely taken to dinner by guilt-ridden white women so they can batter their already clearly struggling self-esteem.

The duo co-authored a book called “White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How To Do Better,” so it’s safe to say they don’t approach the dinners with an open mind.

Rao, who is Indian American, described their first such dinner as a “white woman Broadway musical, complete with crying, angry, eye rolls.”

She then pointed to an emotionally bruised Ambrosia and, with a wink and a nod, stated, “We saw some crying just now.”

And that’s when Dr. Phil, whose professional opinions were formed at least in part by his early involvement with a cult-like self-improvement group called “ChoiceCenter,” scolded Rao.

“So you commented on Ambrosia and essentially mocked her crying,” he said.

Before Rao could deny it, which she did, Jackson, who is black, boldly stated, “Yeah,” as if it’s totally okay to do.

“I didn’t mock her, I just pointed out that she cried,” Rao argued.

“No, actually, you didn’t,” Dr. Phil countered. “You actually kinda mocked her.”

Jackson then explained that there’s no crying allowed when you’re being accused of being a racist.

“Well, Dr. Phil, the only rule we have at dinner is that you cannot cry at the table,” she stated. “And we all know why, because white women tears, it shifts the whole conversation from what you’re trying to engage in to ‘oh poor so-and-so, ain’t it awful, they made her feel bad.'”

So, if you don’t simply stand there and swallow their insults, you’re clearly trying to play the victim.

Dr. Phil played a clip of one of the duo’s dinners, in which Jackson claims white women are untrustworthy.

“You know what I expect of white women?” she asked. “Not a damn thing, nothing. I expect nothing of you, because you have never given me anything. I can’t trust you.”

When a woman objected, Rao again got snarky and sneered, “Why are your feelings so hurt?”

To Dr. Phil, Rao said, “We’re not here to put white women on defense. Our whole goal is to get white women to acknowledge their privilege so you can actually start deconstructing the ways that racially informed you.”

Ambrosia managed to find her voice and accuse the two of trying to turn a buck.

“You’re shoveling stuff down people’s throats about how you want them to feel a certain way because you’re selling a book,” she said.


But the problem is, it’s working.

Rao and Jackson are making a living doing this, despite a long history of blatant racism on Twitter.

Rao urged her followers to, “Make a banner about Ending Whiteness. March Against Whiteness. Rally Against Whiteness. Raise your megaphone Against Whiteness. Take to the streets Against Whiteness. Until and unless we eradicate toxic whiteness, the violence will never stop,” according to Fox News Digital.

We’d show you the post, but since the Dr. Phil appearance, Rao has protected her tweets, ensuring no one with an opinion she hasn’t handed to them can call her out on her nonsense.

But you can still scroll through Jackson’s tweets, where you’ll discover such hate-fueled posts as this one, in which she accuses white women of getting rich off the back of black people.

Awesome show, Dr. Phil. Just… awesome.


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