Rachel Campos-Duffy unwraps ‘good communist’ AOC’s twisted Christmas take

Fueled by sympathy for the Hamas terrorists in Gaza, leftists have waged war on Christmas with blasphemous street protests, Satanic statues and even hijacking the birth of Jesus to advance their political agenda.

Democratic Party thought leader Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was slammed by conservatives over her warped take on the Christmas miracle in which she retold the story updated with a spin to fit the current anti-Israel narrative, a twisted take that was blasted by Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy.

Filling in for Jesse Watters on Tuesday’s edition of “Jesse Watters Primetime,” the host excoriated the socialist diva for only finding religion when it can be used for her own hypocritical reasons.

(Video: Fox News)

After beginning the segment with video footage of pro-Hamas miscreants who took to the streets of New York to ruin Christmas for revelers, Campos-Duffy turned to the cartoonish “communist” congresswoman’s Christmas Eve social media post portraying Israel as a violent “right-wing” occupying force in her bastardized update of the birth of Christ.

“No religious discussion would be complete without America’s own theologian, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, weighing in,” she said, showing viewers the text of the “Squad” leader’s distorted version of history.

“Has AOC found religion, now that it suits her political purposes?” Campos-Duffy asked. “When she says marginalized children without voices who are murdered violently, you know what I think of? I think of the unborn, she said, laying bare the raw hypocrisy of Ocasio-Cortez’s Hamas propaganda about the “sacred” children of Gaza.

“The innocent precious babies that AOC believes should be slaughtered by taxpayer-funded late-term abortions,” she continued. “And while she is right to be concerned for the innocent children being killed in a war in Gaza – I am – what about the children in other wars?”

“And AOC is hardly an antiwar peacenik,” she pointed out. “Let’s not forget that she funded the war in Ukraine to the tune of billions. Her own constituents have slammed her for her support of the war,” referring to the Democratic Party’s lockstep support of the bloody conflict between Russia and Volodymyr Zelensky’s Ukraine, a bloody money pit into which tens of billions of American taxpayer dollars have been shoveled.

“And if you needed any more proof that AOC only cares about children when it fits her own political narrative, just look to the border. Where AOC cried in her white jeans in front of the detention center when Trump was in office but hasn’t said a thing about any of this since Biden took over,” she said of the famous picture of the Democrat drama queen dressed in all-white and faux weeping in front of a fence at a migrant detention facility.

Campos-Duffy added, “85,000 children are unaccounted for.”

“Many of them are being sex-trafficked. Some of them are in child labor situations,  and AOC has said nothing about any of it,” she concluded. “And like a good communist, AOC only cares about religion and children when it fits her political and ideological agenda.”

Chris Donaldson


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