Ramaswamy: Dems planning to ‘sideline’ Biden after special counsel report, ‘trot in’ Michelle Obama

Former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy joined in on the speculation that Democrats now have no choice other than to pull the plug on the malfunctioning Joe Biden and predicted who will replace him.

The 81-year-old career politician’s hopes of staying in the White House for another four years took a major hit with the release of the report by Special Counsel Robert Hur who was probing Biden’s mishandling of classified documents with the prosecutor declining to bring charges because a jury would be unlikely to convict a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

The octogenarian leader was already facing a troubled reelection campaign with polls consistently showing Americans aren’t buying the malarkey about the miracles of “Bidenomics” and have serious questions about his ability to function at his advanced age, but Hur’s report and Biden’s subsequent implosion during a hasty and ill-advised press conference has many now believing that he will be swapped out before the election with former First Lady Michelle Obama.

In a normal situation, the vice president could simply assume the role but as Ramaswamy points out, the Democrats have a “Kamala Harris problem” in what has become a highly visible testament to the problems that come from diversity-based hiring.

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“Joe Biden will not be the nominee,” Ramaswamy said during a Fox News appearance after Biden’s press conference debacle. “I said this last year, people dismissed it as some type of conspiracy theory, today I think it became that much more obvious. Play this out. Biden’s own DOJ and special counsel is effectively releasing a report that undermines the case for him to actually be a candidate for the U.S. presidency, right as Biden’s poll numbers are cratering.”

“We have to do the math, skate to where the puck is going, not fall for the deflection, but I do think they’re planning for is to sideline Biden as the nominee, trot in a different puppet instead. That’s the most significant takeaway from tonight,” he told Fox News host Trace Gallagher.

“The main obstacle stopping the Democratic Party is they have a Kamala Harris problem, which is to say that if they do sideline Biden, the natural person normally that would be the nominee, could be the vice president of that same sitting president. But that vice president is unable, I think, to effectively carry forward that job,” Ramaswamy told Fox News Digital. “She didn’t make it to the Iowa caucus in the year that she ran, right, even and within her own party, let alone an issue with broader popularity in the country.”

“If race and gender are your basis for selecting someone for a job, and the identity of your party is tied to that temple of identity politics, then they will risk looking hypocritical if they sideline her after they sideline Biden. And I do think Michelle Obama offers them a convenient path out of that problem, somebody who checks the boxes that they need to have checked per their own ideology, while also selecting an alternative to Biden that they may view as more palatable in a general election . . . it’s looking increasingly like it’s not going to be Biden as the nominee. And I think that it should not be shocking to see someone like Michelle Obama take the role of the nomination,” he added.

“I also want to close with one message to the Democratic Party. End this farce that Joe Biden is gonna be your nominee. We know he’s not even the president of the United States. He’s a puppet for the managerial class,” Ramaswamy said at a GOP debate in November. “Biden should step aside, end his candidacy now so we can see whether it’s [Gavin] Newsom or Michelle Obama or whoever else. Just tell us the truth so we can have an honest debate.”

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