‘Reprehensible’: Biden falsely claims Republicans are trying to keep Black votes ‘from even counting’

President Joe Biden lobbed another unfounded criticism at Republicans when he claimed they are trying to keep the votes of black Americans “from even counting.”

The president made his false claim during remarks Monday at the White House as he spoke during a Black History Month event.

“We’re protecting our country’s threshold liberty, the sacred right to vote, which I’ve never seen as under such attack,” Biden said.

“You know, it’s always made it harder for blacks to vote but this is trying to be able to figure out how to keep the black vote, when it occurs, from even counting,” he added, getting a handful of claps in response to his blatant lie.

Former United States senator for Georgia, Kelly Loeffler slammed the remarks as “reprehensible” in a tweet on Monday.

Biden went on in his speech to call on Congress again to subvert the Constitution and pass his voting initiatives, the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would effectively nationalize federal election laws.

Many Twitter users noted the not-so-thunderous applause when the president made his claim about Republicans.

Others just wondered if a fact-check would be coming from the left-leaning media lapdogs. Not likely.

Frieda Powers


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