RFK Jr. fires back after Democrats unleash lawfare against the third-party candidate

Determined to neutralize the effects of third-party candidates who may swing the election to GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump, Democrats are deploying lawfare against Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

On Friday, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against the former Democrat candidate and a super PAC aligned with him, alleging illegal coordination between his campaign and the group that is assisting with getting him on the ballot in key states.

The DNC says that the PAC, American Values 2024, is illegally coordinating with Kennedy and that the $15 million the PAC is spending in an effort to gather signatures is an in-kind contribution to the candidate.

“Rather than doing that hard work itself, using money raised in compliance with the candidate contribution limits,” said DNC legal counsel Robert Lenhard. “The campaign is taking a shortcut outsourcing what is otherwise a core campaign function to a super PAC.”

Kennedy unloaded in a lengthy post to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Friday.

“As President Biden’s cognitive competence comes under attack by the mainstream media, the DNC is doubling down on its strategy of keeping viable, non-Trump, candidates off the ballot. The DNC’s disenfranchised cartel today filed a vague and specious claim against our campaign for allegedly colluding with the American Values Super PAC,” he wrote.

“Our campaign has complied in every regard with the letter and spirit of federal election laws with a transparency that is absent in every other campaign,” RFK Jr. continued. “The DNC is accusing my campaign of FEC violations in the form of sharing state-approved petition formats — petition formats so secretive they are posted on our website for use by all our volunteers nationwide.”

“The efforts by the DNC to suppress democracy, silence descent, and handpick our national leaders in smoke-filled rooms are radical departures from the core values of a party my family helped to build,” he concluded.

“I think we’re concerned that Donald Trump is disrespecting the democratic process,” DNC senior adviser Ramsey Reid said, according to Politico. “It’s pretty clear that Trump and his megadonors are propping up RFK Jr. as a stalking horse.”

Polls have consistently shown that the deeply unpopular Biden is trailing Trump in the battleground states with the presence of a third-party candidate with national name recognition having the potential to shave off critical points, especially Kennedy who appeals to liberals who are turned off by prolonged inflation and other issues like Gaza.

And now the geriatric president has even more problems after Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report portrayed him as a geezer with memory problems, a description not helped by Biden when he went out and mixed up Egypt and Mexico while defending himself in a hastily called presser.

Kennedy, the nephew of slain President John F. Kennedy and son of former attorney general Bobby Kennedy who was also assassinated, initially entered the political fray as a Democrat but after clashing with the DNC which he accused of rigging the process for Biden, he declared his independent run for the White House in October.

“It’s pretty clear that the DNC does not want a primary,” RFK Jr. said in an interview last year. “I don’t want to say they want a coronation, but I think that’s a fair way to put it, actually. Essentially they’re fixing the process so that it makes it almost impossible to have democracy function. They’re effectively disenfranchising the Democratic voters from having any choice in who becomes the Democratic nominee.”

Because there’s nothing that says “democracy” quite like banning the opposition from the ballot, a tactic already seen with Trump who was booted in Colorado and Maine although that one doesn’t seem to be going so well with the Supreme Court.

Chris Donaldson


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