Roseanne Barr goes after ABC execs for firing her but keeping people who have ‘been in blackface’

Legendary comedienne Roseanne Barr unloaded on hypocritical ABC executives who canceled her while turning a blind eye to the network’s liberal stars who suffered zero consequences for dressing up in “blackface,” a racist practice that in today’s environment, would be a career killer.

The 70-year-old star bounced back in a big way with a new Fox Nation comedy special, “Roseanne Barr: Cancel This!” her triumphant return after she was unceremoniously axed over a tweet likening Barack Obama’s intimate adviser Valerie Jarrett to a cross between the Muslim Brotherhood and a character out of the “Planet of the Apes” movies. Barr insisted that she believed that Jarrett was white.

“Man, I had a rough couple of years there,” she told the audience in the special. “I got fired because basically, I racially misgendered somebody I thought was a white woman.”

While Barr profusely apologized for the tweet, ABC reacted by killing off her character in the reboot of the classic sitcom “Roseanne,” writing the character out of the smash hit reprise of the series as the victim of an opioid overdose, adding insult to injury.

In her new special, Barr jokes that she suggested to the executives that she could keep her job if she apologized — on “shows you’ve got on the ABC channel… where [the hosts have] been in blackface.”

Images of both Joy Behar of the daytime political gabfest “The View” and late-night talk show host and Chuck Schumer ventriloquist dummy Jimmy Kimmel dressed up in blackface have been widely circulated, with neither receiving so much as a slap on the wrist while Barr, a vocal supporter of former President Donald J. Trump, was severely punished.

“I’ll tell you what, just put me on the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Show’ and on ‘The View’ and a lot of your other shows you’ve got on the ABC channel, you know, where people they’ve been in blackface and everything, I’ll go on there and surely, they’ll understand my mistake,” she said.

“Because surely, they didn’t get fired for that s**t. And they’ll understand when people do something really stupid,” she added.

Behar even admitted that she dressed in blackface during a Halloween party during a segment on the show, showing the image to viewers. Kimmel has apologized for donning black makeup for skits imitating NBA basketball great Karl Malone.


Both Kimmel and Behar are outspoken members of the cancel-crazed Democratic Party which would seem to explain a lot.

Roseanne also said that she wasn’t about to let the “a**holes” win in her special.

(Video: YouTube/Fox Nation)

In “Cancel This!” Barr also takes on the entitled “woke” generation as well as the depraved culture of the modern American left, suggesting that it’s time to fight fire with fire.

“And I’m so happy because you’ve got to be more offensive when the culture is so offensive that it makes absolutely no sense that it’s anti-life, anti-human, anti-culture, anti-citizen,” Barr told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Friday’s edition of his popular show. “You’ve got to be so offensive to offend the most offensive thing that is on earth right now. And I think I’ve done it.”

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