Rubio blasts Jan 6 committee as a ‘scam’ to harass Republicans, hedges on Pence’s election role as VP

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Senator Marc Rubio went on Face the Nation on Sunday and slammed the Jan 6 Congressional Committee, calling the investigation nothing more than an excuse to harass Republicans.

“This is a scam,” the Republican from Florida stated. “The purpose of that commission is to try to embarrass and smear and harass as many Republicans as they can get their hands on.”

When the show’s host, Margaret Brennan, asked if that’s what Rubio’s two Republican colleagues were doing, referring to RINO-Reps Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, Rubio answered, “I know that’s what the commission is doing.”

“They’re focused well beyond January 6,” Rubio continued. “There are people, an older member of the RNC, whose husband just died, she wasn’t even in Washington on January 6. She can’t afford to lawyer up, and she’s being harassed by this commission. This commission is nothing but a partisan tool to go out and smear and attack and get their hands on as many people as they can, including people that weren’t in Washington on January 6.”

Rubio didn’t bother pointing out that those two “Republicans” were handpicked by none other than Nancy Pelosi to join the committee, while others who may have had a different point of view, were rejected.

The segment seemed to be a bit of a dance, as Brennan attempted to get Rubio to either denounce Trump or admit to being an anarchist, while Rubio tried to strike a balance between agreeing with former VP Mike Pence, punishing the guilty for any crimes committed, and not completely alienating the half of America who believes the events of January 6 were at least in part instigated by the very people who are charged with investigating them.

In a speech to the Federalist Society on Friday, Mike Pence called out former President Trump for his belief that the then Vice President could have refused to certify the highly contested election results and sent them back to the states.

“President Trump is wrong,” Pence stated. “I had no right to overturn the election.”

“The presidency belongs to the American people, and the American people alone,” he continued. “And frankly, there is no idea more un-American than the notion that any one person could choose the American president.”

“Do you agree with Mike Pence?” Brennan asked Rubio.

“Well, if President Trump runs for reelection, I believe he would defeat Joe Biden, and I don’t want Kamala Harris to have the powers as vice president to overturn that election,” hedged Rubio. “And that’s the same thing I concluded back in January of 2021. You know, when that issue was raised, I looked at it, had analyzed it and came to the same conclusion that vice presidents can’t simply decide not to certify an election.”

Brennan pressed harder, asking, “So, Donald Trump was wrong?”

“Like I said, I just don’t think the vice president has that power,” stated Rubio. “If the vice president has that power, Trump would defeat Joe Biden in four years, or two years, and Kamala Harris could decide to overturn the election, and I don’t want to wind up there.”

Rubio did his best to stand his ground, even as Brennan attempted to shovel words regarding the RNC and “legitimate political discourse” into his mouth before dismissing him.

“No,  I told you where I stand on that commission,” Rubio stated firmly. “I think that commission is a scam. I think it’s a complete partisan scam, and I think anyone who committed a crime on January 6 should be prosecuted and, if convicted, put in jail. I don’t think we need a congressional commission to harass Americans.”

Regardless of how steadfast Rubio appeared in his convictions, his appearance on liberal CNN doesn’t seem to have pleased anyone.

Pence’s comments evoked an avalanche of criticism from former President Trump, who issued a statement: “Just saw Mike Pence’s statement on the fact that he had no right to do anything with respect to the Electoral Vote Count, other than being an automatic conveyor belt for the Old Crow Mitch McConnell to get Biden elected President as quickly as possible. Well, the Vice President’s position is not an automatic conveyor if obvious signs of voter fraud or irregularities exist.”

Clearly, Rubio won’t gain any favors with Trump for his views on Pence.

Nor did Rubio satisfy the Left, who took to Twitter to call him “cowardly” for not saying, word for word, that Trump was wrong.

Next time, Marc, pick a clear side and stick to it.

Even if it hurts.

Melissa Fine


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