San Fran marks Easter with trans Foxy Mary pageant, Hunky Jesus contest

Débauche deviancy and desecration marked a San Francisco Easter celebration as “drag nuns” further explored the depths of sacrilege with costume contests.

“Let’s hear it for triggering the right-wing extremists,” said California state Sen. Scott Wiener (D) who took the stage Sunday at the annual event held in Dolores Park.

When the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence weren’t inspiring Major League Baseball boycotts and a Prayer March for their blasphemous behavior, the transvestite group embraced mockery of Catholicism and Christianity at large.

On Easter Sunday, this included competitive costuming where, as SFGate put it, “contestants dressed up as playful, lewd reinterpretations of Jesus and Mary, then took the stage to compete in between drag performances and dance routines.”

“A spirited crowd, dressed in bunny ears, pastels and rainbows — and in some cases, nothing at all — voted for the victors with their cheers and applause,” the report continued as the winners of the “Hunky Jesus” and “Foxy Mary” competitions were named as “Jesus Ken” and “our lady of the whores.”

The faux packaging for the winner’s costume that surpassed “Trailer Trash Jesus,” “Golden Shower Jesus” and “Jesus Who Takes The Wheel” among others, had reportedly stated, “Is it my destiny to live a life of plastic piety? I am Jesus Ken, I can turn water into wine, I can heal your d*** I’m so divine.”

Wiener, who had previously referred to himself as a “BARTbie” girl as he rode the Bay Area’s public transit wearing pink high heels around the same time he was advocating against parents rights regarding their own children experience issues related to gender dysphoria, had been an honored guest at last year’s event as well.

This Sunday, he said from the stage, “They do this every year, it’s such a service to the community. This event, every year, triggers the right-wing extremists. It triggers them and you are so beautiful. So let’s hear it for triggering the right-wing extremists!”

Along with other contestants like “Miscarriage Mary” who marketed her costume as “rewriting history so that Jesus never existed,” performers dressed like Playboy bunnies had taken the stage to display some unintended ironic Hamas sympathy, hoisting signs that spelled out the favored slogan calling for Israeli genocide, “from the river to the sea…”

While the displays were to be expected from celebrants of the rainbow jihad, the even earned an added boost from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as President Joe Biden, a self-identifying Catholic, had officially recognized March 31 as “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

Faced with flack over the messaging on the holiest day of the liturgical year, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had run cover for the administration Monday, dismissing the recognition as little more than a calendar coincidence.

Meanwhile, the president himself had clapped back at reporting and criticism and took aim at House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) during the Easter Egg Roll and said “He’s thoroughly uninformed. I didn’t do that.”

The claim brought Johnson to retort, “Well, it’s his own signature on the document. That’s why we posted it. The evidence speaks for itself, as we used to say in the courtroom.”

Kevin Haggerty


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