Seinfeld gives measured response to ‘off-target’, rage-filled protesters: ‘That’s to me, comedic’

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld tongue-in-cheek told journalist Bari Weiss that pro-Palestinian protesters who called him “Nazi scum” and a “genocide supporter” needed their “aim” corrected a little bit.

Seinfeld sat down for a lengthy conversation with the former New York Times writer during her “Honestly” podcast on Tuesday. Both Seinfeld and Weiss are Jewish and have been viciously attacked multiple times by radical pro-Palestinian extremists since the terrorist group Hamas savagely attacked Israelis on Oct. 7 of last year, killing over 1,200 while kidnapping hundreds. Slurs, insults, and death threats have been lobbed at both of them. Protesters walked out of a commencement speech the comedian gave at Duke University in May.

Seinfeld was also descended upon by activists in February as he left an event in New York City. That’s when they hurled “Nazi scum” and “genocide supporter” at him. Seinfeld simply smiled and waved before leaving.

The two discussed Seinfeld’s latest film “Unfrosted” and then spoke about being targeted by protesters and activists who are demanding a ceasefire by Israel in the Gaza Strip.

(Video Credit: The Free Press)

Weiss pointed out that Seinfeld has remained “apolitical” for most of his career but noted that due to Oct. 7 and recent events he has become “politicized,” something he agrees with. In April, Seinfeld asserted that “extreme left and PC crap” is ruining comedy. Many agree with that assessment.

“It’s so dumb. In fact, when we get protesters occasionally, I love to say to the audience, ‘You know, I love that these young people, they’re trying to get engaged with politics… we just have to correct their aim a little bit,” Seinfeld commented to Weiss.

He also told her that he found it “comedic” when protesters called him a “Nazi” or some other anti-Semitic slur.

“It’s so silly… they want to express this sincere, intense rage, but again, a little off target, so that’s, to me, comedic,” Seinfeld claimed.

He also remarked on his recent trip to Israel.

“In an exchange with journalist Bari Weiss, he said the time there was a profound event and the ‘most powerful experience of my life.’ When pushed for a further explanation, the actor just said, ‘Well… you know’ as to why it moved him so profoundly,” Breitbart reported.

The subject moved Seinfeld to tears.

“Seinfeld landed in Israel early in December for a visit to show support both for the country in its battle against Hamas terrorists and those families who had suffered at the hands of the terrorist group,” Breitbart noted. “The Jewish comedian and actor had his wife and children with him on the visit.”

Seinfeld, actor Michael Rapaport, actress Debra Messing, and producer Scooter Braun have all traveled to Israel following the horrific attack, according to the Jerusalem Post.

“Seinfeld was quick to act immediately after the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas, declaring his support for Israel and its people while acknowledging his ‘heart was breaking,'” Breitbart recounted. “The actor met with families of Israeli hostages held in the Gaza Strip as well as with hostages recently released from captivity during his stay.”


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