Sen. Kennedy visibly shocks Mayorkas with kindly move after tough exchange

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was visibly caught off guard Wednesday when, after a tough round of questions, Sen. John Kennedy, R-Louisiana, patted his shoulder and shook his hand before leaving.

During a Senate Appropriations hearing on Mayorkas’ support for gun control, specifically an “assault weapons” ban, the secretary was subjected to a serious grilling on what exactly defines an “assault weapon.” Mayorkas failed to provide a definition of his own, instead opting to “defer to the experts.”

“Senator, I must defer to the experts with respect to the definition. But I will tell you, for example, militarystyle weapons are a tremendous concern. We are seeing too much devastation,” the homeland security head said. It is worth noting that this exchange came days after the horrific Nashville school shooting which left 6 innocent people dead, including 3 children, and resulted in the death of the shooter Audrey Hale.


Needless to say, Kennedy was less than thrilled with that response.

“You made a very bold statement very firmly saying we should ban all assault weapons. And all I’m asking is what in your mind is an assault weapon? You say it’s military style. Does that mean it looks like a military weapon?” Kennedy pressed.

“Senator, I think I have addressed your question to the best of my abilities,” Mayorkas replied.

But the senator would not be deterred.

“But you haven’t. I’m trying to understand. You’re secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and, as is your right as an American, you believe we should ban assault weapons. But it bothers me you can’t tell me what you would ban,” he explained.

Following that exchange, Mayorkas was also questioned on temporary worker visas by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-New Hampshire. While he was answering her, Kennedy passed behind him, patted him on the shoulder, and shook his hand in a moment that quickly went viral.

Sierra Marlee


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