Senate Dems demand Justice Thomas recuse himself from Trump immunity ruling

The latest attack against the Supreme Court had Senate Democrats challenging the integrity of Justice Clarence Thomas over mounting stakes for former President Donald Trump.

Little time was wasted after the high court agreed to hear a petition from Special Counsel Jack Smith on questions of the president’s asserted immunity before the conservative justice once again found himself in leftist crosshairs demanding a recusal.

Speaking with The Hill Tuesday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin (D) spoke to past complaints, particularly regarding the judge’s wife Ginni Thomas and her outspoken support for Trump as well as her concerns about election integrity in the 2020 election.

“There are so many unanswered questions about the relationship of the justice and his family with the Trump administration that I think in the interests of justice, he should recuse himself,” Durbin told the outlet.

Similarly, CNN’s chief congressional correspondent Manu Raju had the senator on record telling him, “There’s been enough information raised about Mr. Thomas and his spouse that he ought to think twice about recusal in this case.”

The call was echoed by former White House intern and delegate to President Joe Biden, Victor Shi, who posted to X, “So, Clarence Thomas, whose wife Ginni Thomas had a major role in overturning the 2020 election, has yet to recuse himself from the presidential immunities case, which means the could be one of nine justices who decide the case. Clarence Thomas must recuse himself now.”

On Monday, Smith had leapfrogged past the appellate court’s submitting a petition for writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court on the question of whether or not Trump was immune from federal prosecution for any alleged crime that may have been committed during his tenure as president, specifically regarding the alleged attempt to obstruct certification of the 2020 presidential election. The justices wasted little time in responding and gave the president’s legal team until Dec. 20 to file a response.

“If we say certain people are above the law, I believe it diminishes values in this country,” added Durbin.

The lawmaker’s Democratic colleague from Connecticut, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, appeared to ramp up the concerns over Thomas even further as he told The Hill “the argument could be made that anyone” from the court “with whom [Thomas] has discussed his wife’s involvement” with supposed efforts to overturn the election “may have an improper interest.”

“I think Justice Thomas should have recused himself from some of the other cases that came before him where his wife was very much involved,” Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono (D) added. “The fact he didn’t really raises concerns for whether they have a recusal practice that makes any kind of sense.”

While Senate Democrats have pursued a narrative of “an ethical crisis” from within the court, their GOP peers came to Thomas’ defense, including constitutional scholar, Utah Sen. Mike Lee.

“They’re not the ones to make the judgment call, nor am I aware of any standard by which he should be required to recuse himself in such a case,” Lee told The Hill. “That’s absurd.”

Kevin Haggerty


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