Seriously? Biden uses taxpayer-funded Cookie Monster to pimp his shrinkflation scam

The president’s economic policy turned pure fantasy Tuesday with a stroll down Sesame Street to push shrinkflation.

Between Hollywood celebrities and TikTok influencers, President Joe Biden has frequently turned to entertainers in gaslighting the American public. In the latest outreach to low information voters, the White House allied with Cookie Monster as corporate greed was faulted for consumer woes.

Speaking from the State Dining Room, Biden brought up the snack-scarfing blue puppet as he laid out plans to go after companies he alleged were “break[ing] the law while keeping prices high for American consumers.”

“I’ll tell you what, I tell you who did notice,” the president said of prices remaining the same while product volumes decreased. “Cookie Monster. He pointed out that cookies, or his cookies, are getting smaller, paying the same price. I was stunned when I found out that’s what actually happened.”

“But even as supply chains are back to normal, some companies are still not passing along the savings to their customers,” he claimed as he demonized businesses for adapting to his policies. “Many corporations are raising their prices, pad the profits, charging folks more and more for less and less. In fact, some of the small snack companies, you won’t and — think you won’t even notice what they’re doing when they charge you just as much for the same size bag of potato chips, only there’s a helluva lot fewer chips in it.”

Of course, as Biden announced a new Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission led Strike Force on Unfair and Illegal Pricing “to crack down on companies who break the law while keeping prices high for American consumers,” the character reference was anything but spontaneous.

On social media Monday, Cookie Monster lamented, “Me hate shrinkflation! Me cookies are getting smaller,” and the White House shared his woe. “C is for consumers getting ripped off. President Biden is calling on companies to put a stop to shrinkflation.”

Naturally, corporate media picked up on the opportunity to carry water for the administration as programs like ABC’s “Good Morning America” ran segments speaking to the problem and recognizing that senators were in agreement with the character.

“And now to the economy and the outcry over shrinkflation with one ‘Sesame Street’ character speaking out over high grocery prices,” said co-host Michael Strahan as he turned to correspondent Trevor Ault.

“We’re hearing from one of the great economic minds of our time, the Cookie Monster, who is venting about paying more for less. And actually, now some politicians are weighing in too,” detailed Ault. “We know the cookies are shrinking. Is it corporate greed or is it bad policy? This morning, the Cookie Monster has had enough.”

Democratic Sens. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts all got in on the action to pump the puppet’s narrative.

While much of the outrage over the policy push pertained to the public’s disdain for the lengths leftists would take to cover for their agendas, famed puppeteer Frank Oz appeared to rail against the use of Muppets to market in politics.

“I’m shocked to see a news article on Cookie Monster talking about ‘shrinkflation’. Jim [Henson] would NEVER have allowed this. The SS Muppets need to live in their own pure world. Not our world. What has happened to the integrity of the character and the integrity of Sesame Workshop?”

Kevin Haggerty


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