‘Shut down the border immediately’: DeSantis says the American people ‘deserve a truly secure border’

Speaking at a GOP event in Iowa this Saturday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called for the border to be completely “shut down” immediately.

“We are a nation that has borders. Our sovereignty as a people matters. Don’t tell me that foreigners can just decide to come across the border when they want to. We decide who comes into this country as Americans. We have every right to have that border secured and not have this disaster unfolding,” he said.

“I tell you this. Someone’s like, well, what would you do? It’s like, I’d shut down the border immediately. Why are we letting this happen to our country? It’s hurting people. The drugs are pouring into the country. Americans are dying for what’s going on at that border. Criminal aliens are getting into this country. Even people on the terrorist watchlist are getting into this country,” he continued.

He added that the American people deserve better than this — they deserve a truly secure border.

“You deserve to have a secure border. You deserve to have the rule of law. If someone comes across the border, stop them and send them back to the other side of the border. Don’t give them a piece of paper and say you come back for a court date in four years. What kind of a deterrence is that?” he said.


Continuing his remarks, he called for accountability for both the drug cartels and the Mexican government.

“And I’ll tell you this: These Mexican drug cartels are killing a lot of Americans. They need to be treated like the hostile force that they are. We need to be holding the cartels accountable, and we need to be holding the Mexican government accountable, because they are allowing a lot of this to happen,” he said.

As to why any of this is relevant to Florida, the governor argued that the state is as much of a border state as, say, Texas.

“People say you’re not a border state. I’m a maritime border state. They run boats from Haiti and some other places with illegal aliens trying to come to Florida. Coast Guard’s responsible. They actually do a good job. They just don’t have enough people. So we have put forces in place, state people, to help the Coast Guard, and we’ve been interdicting a lot of vessels,” he said.

“Since August, we’ve repatriated over 12,000 illegal aliens back to Haiti, back to some of these countries. And guess what happens? When they see that they will be stopped, turned back, and repatriated, they stop coming. We don’t have as many boats coming as we did before we started these operations,” he added.

He further noted that just because a community isn’t a direct “border town” doesn’t mean it isn’t being affected by the illegal alien/migrant crisis.

“And what bugs me about it is that you see the carnage that happens at these border towns. You see the carnage with the drugs in communities. Don’t let anybody tell you if you’re not a border town that this isn’t affecting you. I’ve met mothers across Florida who’ve lost children thanks to fentanyl overdoses. And if we had a secure border, a lot of that wouldn’t happen,” he said.

Turning his attention to the media, DeSantis then slammed them for not giving a damn — not a single damn — about the border being flooded.

“And yet the media doesn’t really care about it. A lot of the left, they try to ignore this. A lot of them welcome this. This is their vision. They only seem to care when Florida brought 50 illegal aliens to lovely Martha’s Vineyard, their little enclave. Then they got really upset about that,” he said.

“Now I do think that as big as the border is — we got great Border Patrol — even if you had a good policy, which we don’t, now if you did, you can’t do it with personnel alone. You do need a wall constructed along the southern border, and I support doing that. I’ve always supported doing that,” he added.

All this comes as the border is being flooded thanks to the revocation of Title 42, a Trump-era policy that’d allowed U.S. authorities to quickly expel migrants at the border. This isn’t to say the border wasn’t already being overrun.

In fact, it was already being so overrun that border cities and states had been forced to start shipping some of the migrants up north to blue metropolitan cities like Chicago and New York City, among others.

Vivek Saxena


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