Someone threw a brick at the truck bearing names of Harvard students who blamed Israel for terror attacks

In a move that should surprise no one, someone at Harvard picked up a rock and hurled it at the circling “doxxing truck” that features the names and faces of students who allegedly signed a letter that placed the blame on Israel for Hamas’s savage attack one week ago.

As BizPac Review reported, the truck was launched by Adam Guillette, president of the non-profit watchdog group Accuracy in Media (AIM).

The offensive letter sparked enormous backlash, with a number of billionaire investors and company owners calling for Harvard to release the names of all students who signed the letter so that they’ll know who not to hire in the future.

AIM began listing the names of those signees it could confirm on its website, under the banner “Harvard Hates Jews.”

“This wasn’t just a strike against Israel, this was a strike against Western civilization,” the organization wrote. “Shockingly, radical ‘scholars’ at Harvard responded by issuing a statement in support of the terrorists and blaming the victims.”

“Each and every one of these students should be expelled and their student organizations should be kicked off campus,” it stated, urging people to “send one message that goes to Harvard’s board of trustees. Tell them to take action against these despicable, hateful students.”

On Friday morning, Guillette told the New York Post that a mob of angry people blocked the truck, which was being driven by a female, and began “banging on the windows, shouting things at the driver.”

“Once you get out of that truck I’m going to kick your f–king ass!” one fuming member of the crowd allegedly shouted at the driver, according to Guillette.

The driver then heard a brick slamming into the truck. A security guard hired by Guillette headed to the back of the vehicle to investigate.

There he found “a young white male in a hoodie (who)… put down the brick and ran,” Guillette said. It was the second day in a row that the truck had been vandalized.

Guillette is unsure whether the brick thrower or those who surrounded the vehicle were Harvard students.

According to The Post, “a portion of the digital screen – which flashed the names and faces of members of the more than 30 student organizations that co-signed a statement by the school’s Palestine Solidarity Committee” was damaged.

The young Kentucky driver of the truck filed a police report with the Cambridge Police Department.

“The big irony in all of this to me is … all of these people who don’t like Israel were talking about how our truck was going to incite violence,” Guillette said. “The only instance of violence was from their side — not from us.”

On Thursday, another vandal used red spray paint to cross out the organization’s web address, he said. A police report was filed for that as well, though, as of Friday afternoon, he hadn’t heard anything back.

Meanwhile, Guillette vowed, the truck will be back on Harvard’s roads on Monday.

Melissa Fine


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