‘Stand up for Tucker!’ Snerdley goes OFF on ‘feckless Republicans’ who allow heroes like Rush, Tucker to be slandered by libs

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WABC radio show host James Golden, known affectionately as “Bo Snerdley” from his days working as the late Rush Limbaugh’s producer, has demanded to know when, if ever, elected Republicans will take a stand for those who dare to speak the truth.

On the Thursday episode of his weekday radio show, “Bo Snerdley,” James specifically zeroed in on the Democrat Party’s recent attacks on Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

As previously reported, Carlson’s currently being smeared as a “racist” (again) for the supposed crime of having demanded to see Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score.

Addressing these smears, Golden grew emotional as he noted that for decades he’d witnessed the left smearing his former boss with the same bogus lies.

This particular segment starts around the 28:35 mark below:

“I watched the left attack Rush for so many years with these shameful smears. They even went so far as to write down the most horrid quotes that you could think of that he never said. Then they throw that stuff on the Internet and try to attribute it to him,” Golden said.

“And then, you would think that so many people would stand up and fight these people when they go after the sponsors, when they go after Tucker’s sponsors, when they go after Laura Ingraham’s sponsors, when they go after Sean’s sponsors, when they tried going after Rudy Giuliani here like they’re doing.”

But the right rarely does. They almost always stick to the mainstream narrative established by the left, and in doing so give the left everything they want.

“When they try to go after anyone who’s standing up and telling the truth, our side, the elected Republicans, sit on their asses, and they don’t do a thing. They don’t try to regulate these big tech giants that censor the right. They try to censor our publications, and the Republicans sit on their asses and do nothing,” Golden explained.

“They don’t rally behind our people, the ones that are standing up for them, the ones who — they wouldn’t even be elected if it weren’t for these people. And I watched all these years what they did to Rush, and now they’re trying to do the same thing to Tucker. And I’m going to tell you something: We have got to stop this in its tracks!”

Love him or hate him, Carlson “should not be smeared and called these horrible names,” Golden argued, because at the end of the day, Carlson’s “a decent human being” and “a decent man” who’s “standing for the truth, and so are so many others that they smear, that they call racist.”

As noted earlier, Carlson’s currently being smeared as “racist” for asking to see the LSAT score of Supreme Court nominee Judge Jackson. Earlier in the podcast, Golden debunked this narrative whole.

“I met Tucker Carlson. I’ve been following Tucker Carlson. And not just for years, but for decades. Tucker Carlson is a uniquely qualified broadcaster. He is opinionated, but Tucker Carlson does something that many other broadcasters do not do, which is back up many of his positions with factual information,” he said.

Golden continued by arguing that “asking for someone’s LSAT score is not ‘patently racist,” as members of the left have called it.

“It is asking for an LSAT score,” plain and simple, he said.

And it is, he continued, something elected Republicans would have been doing themselves if they had a spine.

“Now, if the Republican Party were like Democrats and had a serious opposition research effort underway every time there’s a Supreme Court nominee, Tucker wouldn’t have to ask for it, because it’d already be out there. But sadly, the Republican Party never ever, ever puts up the kind of fight against Democrat nominees as Democrats do ours,” he said.

“These people will stop at nothing to smear anybody who’s nominated by a Republican. … And the Republican Party sits on their hands and sits on their asses and never fights back for these good people. And they leave it up to Tucker Carlson to try and at least come up with some sort of opposition, because they’re too chickens–t, because they won’t do what they’re supposed to do, which is fight on behalf of the American people!”

And then to make matters worse, when truth-tellers like Carlson do their jobs for them, they sit quietly by as the mob then comes for him.

“These Republicans will not stand up and circle the wagons around Tucker Carlson. They never did it for Rush either. They leave our guys — the biggest defenders of our side, whether it’s Sean Hannity, whether it’s Tucker Carlson, where it’s Mark Levin, whether it was Rush Limbaugh — they never circle around the heroes on our side that actually fight for them,” Golden explained.

“They don’t circle around our conservative publications, like BizPac Review and American Wire News, when have these ad groups — these phony ad groups — that are trying to put them out of business.”

He wasn’t wrong:

Golden concluded his remarks by doing something else elected Republicans never do, which is thanking God for the truth-tellers.

“Instead they run off and try to get their names in The New York Times and in The Washington Post, papers that hate them and do everything they can do to destroy them. You Republicans had better start learning how to fight, and THANK GOODNESS we have Tucker Carlson out here!” he said.

Golden, aka Bo Snerdley, has continued his service to Rush Limbaugh fans with a daily news stack of important conservative stories called the Daily B.S. You can receive it for free if you sign up here.


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