Steve Doocy throws cold water on GOP push to impeach Biden: ‘Here’s the problem’

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has now indicated that impeachment is on the table with it no longer possible to keep a lid on the corrupt activities of President Joe Biden, but Fox News host Steve Doocy doused hopes about the “I-word” with a bucket of cold water.

McCarthy’s remarks to Sean Hannity that “This is rising to the level of impeachment inquiry, which provides Congress the strongest power to get the rest of the knowledge and information needed,” has House Republicans itching to get busy with the process which, unlike the two impeachments of former President Donald J. Trump, would be based on actual high crimes and misdemeanors. But Doocy seems to believe that the case against Biden is very flimsy.

(Video: Fox News)

During a conversation with co-hosts Ainsley Earhardt and Lawrence Jones on Wednesday’s edition of “Fox & Friends,” Doocy said that he has heard from congressional Republicans that they are going to pull the trigger on impeachment based on the damning information contained in the FBI FD-1023 form in which a credible informant details a bribery scheme involving a Ukrainian businessman and Biden, who at the time was Barack Obama’s vice president.

“Kevin McCarthy has brought up the I-word, the impeachment question, and he’s calling it an inquiry, this is what he had to say, and the reasons why they’re considering this,” Jones said, as a video clip of the Speaker’s remarks to reporters at a Tuesday news conference were shown in which he said that an impeachment inquiry is the necessary first step to gather the additional information needed to support holding Biden accountable.

“So it’s not an impeachment. It is to get all the information, then we’re going to inquire, is there, is this an impeachable offense?” Earhardt asked.

Doocy then jumped in.

“We’ve seen this movie a couple of times before. First step – impeachment inquiry, almost always it leads to an impeachment. I’ve heard from members of Congress on the Republican side, they are going to, they’re going to do the I-word of Joe Biden, that guy right there. Didn’t look too happy in that picture,” he said, as a shot of the president was displayed. “And they’re going to use the 1023 form as the basis for everything.”

“Here’s the problem…,” he said. “The 1023 form makes a damning case against the Bidens, but it’s completely unverified. And in fact, there are certain critical parts of the story that have been refuted by the people in the story. So it’s problematic and so that’s why Kevin McCarthy says we need other stuff, more documents.”

“Congress will use every tool at our disposal to uncover the truth,” McCarthy tweeted on Wednesday.

“The people of America have a right to know what went on,” the Speaker said. “You have a president who lied to the American public, said they didn’t get any money from China. We know that’s true. We’ve had whistleblowers from the IRS come, say the Biden family is treated differently and that other things were going on. And then you have an informant with the FBI saying there was a bribe. We need to know the answer to this.”

“And as we get more information going forward, if at any time I feel as though we’re not able to get all the information we need, we’ll have to rise to the level of impeachment inquiry,” he added.

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