‘Sunday morning sermonette’: Stephanopoulos asks do we want to be led ‘by a convicted felon?’

From the church of corporate media, ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos served up sanctimony in a “Sunday morning sermonette” on the former president’s conviction.

While leftists had not hesitated to smear former President Donald Trump as a criminal, leveling accusations of Russian collusion and treachery, Thursday’s verdict cleared the path for talking heads everywhere to repeat ad nauseam how the GOP leader was a convicted felon.

During the latest edition of “This Week,” Stephanopoulos, already faced with a lawsuit from the president over his framing of the E. Jean Carroll defamation case, had the green light to make a case against a second-term for Trump based solely on the outcome of the New York criminal case.

Dubbed a “Sunday morning sermonette,” by the Washington Examiner’s chief political correspondent Byron York, the onetime spokesperson to then-President Bill Clinton touched all the bases in his hubris-filled homily — from the Founding Fathers to the present and still pending allegations against Trump.

“In 1774, John Adams said ‘representative government and trial by jury are the heart and lungs of liberty.’ 250 years later, the heart and lungs of liberty are facing what may be the ultimate stress test,” opened the fear-mongering.

From there, Stephanopoulos had the institutions do his heavy lifting as he emphasized, “Twelve anonymous jurors rendered their verdict on Thursday finding Donald Trump guilty on all counts.”

“It’s the third time in the last two years that jurors have rendered verdicts against Trump,” he continued before linguistically flirting with ascribing crimes to the president for which he’d only been alleged. “Jurors have yet to consider charges against Trump for even more serious crimes: blocking the peaceful transfer of power; concealing classified documents; encouraging the filing of false electors.”

Earlier this year, the GOP leader’s attorneys had accused Stephanopoulos of taking such liberties to far when, during a debate with South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace (R), he’d asserted that Trump had been found “liable for rape” when, according to the complaint, “the jury expressly found that Plaintiff (Trump) did not commit rape and, as demonstrated below, Defendant George Stephanopoulos was aware of the jury’s finding in this regard yet still falsely stated otherwise.”

“Since making such false, malicious and defamatory statements, many news and press outlets have continued to quote Stephanopoulos by wrongfully broadcasting that Plaintiff was found liable for rape,” the suit continued.

Of course, the host acted as arbiter of evidence later in the program while interviewing Trump attorney Will Scharf whom he readily pushed back against for suggesting their was any connection between the New York criminal trial and President Joe Biden’s administration.

This from the same pundit who’d made the bold leap that the Deep State not only existed but it was “packed with patriots,” as he had said on ABC’s “The View.”

“But for now, the New York jurors have already presented their fellow citizens with a choice,” wound down Stephanopoulos who posited before getting to the program, “Do we want to be represented, to be led, for the first time in history by a convicted felon? That answer will come in November.”

The “sermonette” in line with the collective narrative from the left did little to detract from public opinion as many weighed in with support for the president widely believed to have been railroaded in a political persecution.

Kevin Haggerty


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