Tammy Bruce heaps praise on Trump: ‘It’s Remarkable! Anyone else…understandably would have shrunk away’

Anticipating a massive night for former President Donald Trump, Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce spoke to the stakes of the 2024 race and how she envisioned “anyone else” would have met the same challenges.

“…he’s serious about being president again.”

(Video: Fox News)

In little more than a week’s time, Trump’s finger on the pulse of the media landscape has shown handily outclassing President Joe Biden at every turn. Now, after corporate talking heads had fawned over the multimillion-dollar New York City celebrity love fest for the incumbent and his Democratic predecessors, the GOP leader was expected to outdo the spectacle despite the setbacks of lawfare.

“Anyone else…understandably would have shrunk away,” said Bruce to “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Pete Hegseth Saturday as they discussed the expected record-breaking fundraising event slated to take place at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort residence, with some estimates even suggesting he might pull in close to $50 million.

“Clearly, Trump has made it obvious that he’s serious about being president again. And he’s serious enough to where his personal freedom’s at stake. His estate’s at stake. The future for himself and his family’s at stake. He’s doing it anyway,” the contributor said, factoring in the now-88 counts Trump had been indicted on after three had been dropped in the Georgia case.

“They relied on him saying, ‘Oh, like, who wants to deal with this?’ I mean, etc. He’ll deal with it, because there’s something bigger at stake here,” she continued. “That’s what the American people have seen. This fundraiser is another indication of that. Did they think that it was just gonna be about TV? Of course not. This is gonna be about raising enough money to win this thing, because what else is the point when they’re attacking you and ready to, you know, set your house on fire and put you in jail?”

“I mean, this is — he is not kidding, everyone!” Bruce asserted. “And I think it’s clear: this is the last headline the establishment ever expected to see when they did their 91 indictments. Anyone else — it’s remarkable that it’s him now, because anyone else understandably would have shrunk away. But this guy is serious, you’re gonna see serious money, and there’s a coalescing of people.”

Trump’s Saturday fundraiser followed Biden’s event at New York’s Radio City Music Hall where was joined by former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. They had brought in roughly $25 million by charging guests up to $500,000 to attend and $100,000 for photo ops while the GOP leader attended the wake of slain NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller by invitation.

Similarly, while Biden recognized Easter Sunday as “Transgender Day of Visibility,” a point he later denied, Trump suggested that Nov. 5, the date of the 2024 presidential election, would come to be called “Christian Visibility Day, when Christians turn out in numbers that nobody has ever seen before.”

Meanwhile, Bruce went on to argue that those who once backed candidates like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former United Nations Amb. Nikki Haley would be uniting behind the GOP leader faced with perceived political persecution.

“If this was an experiment,” she added, as she predicted even high-profile Hollywood elites would line up behind Trump to preserve their children’s futures against further failure from the Biden administration, “it’s failed.”

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