Ted Cruz SHREDS clueless FBI director over latest symbols of ‘militia violent extremism’

Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, did not mince words while grilling FBI Director Christopher Wray on a recent report exposed by Project Veritas which claims that several historical symbols are indicative of “militia violent extremism.”

“It was reported that Project Veritas has obtained a copy of an FBI training material which listed various symbols and themes which in the FBI’s estimation were indicative of ‘militia violent extremism,'” Cruz explained, as a list of the symbols and themes was put up behind him.

“Now these symbols weren’t things like the Ku Klux Klan or the Nazi party which naturally would be symbols of that, but instead they included rather astonishingly, patriotic symbols of our nation and history,” the senator continued, pointing out just a few of the more shocking additions to the list.

“Included on this list, is the Betsy Ross flag. Now that’s fairly remarkable that the Betsy Ross flag – in the FBI’s indication – is indicative of militia violent extremism because among other people who have been publically alongside the Betsy Ross flag, we have President Barack Obama who was sworn in directly under Betsy Ross flags,” Cruz pointed out, as a blown-up version of the photo was put up behind him with large red arrows indicating the locations of the flags.

“But it’s not just President Obama, we also have President [Joe] Biden who was sworn in under Betsy Ross flags,” he continued as another photo was put up behind him as evidence.

“Also on this list is the Gadsden Flag as a symbol of violent extremism. Now, the state of Virginia has a license plate for the Gadsden Flag as do many other states,” Cruz noted, holding up an example of one such plate. “I think people would be astonished to find that having that license plate, the FBI indicates that you’re a violent extremist.”

The final example he brought up hit a little closer to home for the Texas senator.

“Also included on this – as a Texan I was particularly struck – is the Gonzales Battle Flag, ‘Come and Take It’ as indicative of being violent militia,” he said, reaching down to grab one of his boots.

“Well I will self-report right now that every day in the Senate I wear my boots that have the Gonzales Battle Flag on the back of them,” Cruz slammed down his boot, showing the flag.

“Director Wray, what are y’all doing?” he asked. “This makes no sense. Do you agree with this FBI guidance?”

Wray’s defense was that he is “not familiar with the particular document” that Cruz had been discussing. He is also not “in the practice of trying to comment on documents” he doesn’t “recognize.” Then he attempted to downplay the seriousness of the list of symbols, saying that there are often “caveats” that come with such a document saying “a symbol alone is not considered evidence of violent extremism.”


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