‘Tesla 1 – Crane 0’: Man miraculously walks away after crane falls, shears off front of Tesla WHILE HE WAS IN IT

A tragic accident occurred Thursday in Florida when a section of a construction crane came crashing down on a downtown Fort Lauderdale bridge.

Sadly, a construction worker was killed in the accident, while two people on the ground were treated and released from a local hospital. But the reaction of a Tesla owner is taking off online after the man detailed his experience when the crane struck his car.

“It sheared off the front of my car… and I just walked away,” the astonished man can be heard saying.

“It’s my understanding from the construction company that they were doing a process at the time called stepping the crane. It was not the crane per se that actually failed. It was a platform that they had equipment staged on that had failed at the time of the incident and those items fell from the building down onto the bridge below,” Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Chief Stephen Gollan said, according to CBS Miami.

The stepping up process involves adding a section to increase the crane’s height and it was that section that fell. The crane itself remained secured to the building.

The Tesla owner was later identified as Mark Cerezin.

“I was driving over the 3rd Avenue Bridge and I felt some type of compression, and I looked up and I saw this big, huge piece of blue metal coming down and I slammed on the brakes and then it hit the front of my car,” Cerezin told the CBS affiliate. “It was like slow motion, then that piece of metal bounced in the air and then went to the right and landed on another car. I couldn’t believe that I was still alive.”

“My heart goes out, I mean, to this person who lost their life and to their loved ones, I mean, that could have been me,” he added.

Social media users took note of the durability of the Tesla car, as seen here:

Tom Tillison


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