‘Thank you, sir, may I have another’: Anderson Cooper, Joy Reid POUND Ted Cruz over ‘assuming the position’ for Tucker Carlson

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Left-wing establishment media talking heads have been having a field day with Sen. Ted Cruz’s flip-flopping in regard to the Jan. 6th riot.

As previously reported, during a Senate Rules Committee oversight hearing on Wednesday, the senator described the riot as a “violent terrorist attack.” This troubled Fox News host Tucker Carlson who called Cruz out during his monologue later that evening on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

The following day, Cruz appeared on the show to speak about the matter. But instead of defending his description of the Jan. 6th riot, he wound up profusely apologizing in what left-wing heads like CNN’s Anderson Cooper and MSNBC’s Joy Reid now say was “groveling,” “pathetic” defeat.

“I give you Senator Ted Cruz, assuming the position last night before Fox entertainer Tucker Carlson,” Cooper mockingly said of Cruz the next day, Friday.

“Senator Cruz’s alleged sin was having the gumption or whatever you want to call it having dared on Wednesday to refer to the assault on the Capitol as a terrorist attack. something it turns out, he has done 17 times before.”

According to CNN’s usually dubious “fact-checker,” Daniel Dale, this is true, and in this rare instance, he has the receipts to prove it:

“Back’s in the corner, Tucker giving him that quizzical look he practices so hard. And then, he had to–he did the twist, hoping that by blaming the media, blaming Democrats, Carlson would get back on his side. It didn’t work,” Cooper continued, describing how Cruz had behaved during his appearance on Fox News.

“But the issue isn’t his hypocrisy, really, only his abject subordination of himself. A sitting U.S. senator, one of only 100, someone with actual influence, a former presidential candidate — nonetheless, groveling at the feet of Tucker Carlson. Which is quite a comedown after groveling at the feet of the actual president.”

He was referencing the way in which the senator had let bygones be bygones after the 2016 presidential primaries concluded and then-GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump became the party’s nominee, despite what Trump had said months earlier about his Cruz’s wife.

“So yeah, Ted Cruz has the spine of a cantaloupe,” the CNN host then concluded.

As demeaning as Cooper’s attack on Cruz was, Reid’s was even worse.


“Cruz couldn’t handle Mango Mussolini’s base being mad at him, so he went on Fox to bend the knee and clear the air and ran straight into a hailstorm,” she said Friday, using a pejorative joined by the far-left to describe Trump.

“Here’s the thing with Rafaelito,” she continued, using a play on Cruz’s real first name, Rafael, “that mea culpa isn’t just pathetic — it is also flat out false.”

“Cruz has frequently referred to Jan. 6th as a terrorist attack, including in at least three press releases issued last January, February and May. He’s also said in multiple tweets, which Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger trolled him for today.”

This is true:

Reid then compared Cruz’s behavior to the castration of Lord Theon Greyjoy, a character in the book/show series “Game of Thrones” known by the alias Reek.

“Watching poor little Cruz squirm and beg for forgiveness immediately brought to mind the subjugation of Lord Theon Greyjoy, who was forcibly relieved of his literal manhood, his identity and then his name. Ted Cruz, aka Reek, once called Donald Trump a sniveling coward for calling his wife ugly and implying that his father murdered JFK during their fight for the 2016 nomination,” she said.

“But Trump has thoroughly defeated him again, because Teddy the weak is clearly the sniveling coward. Oh, but it’s not just the man who ran to Cabo and blamed it on his kids during an epic snowstorm. Oh, no! The Republican Party is in a place where if you don’t downplay or straight up deny the insurrection — in other words, if you refuse to be a sniveling coward and a Trump bootlicker — you are not welcome,” she said.

But not mentioned by Carlson, Cooper or Reid is that Cruz has at least been consistent. After left-wing extremists stormed Lafayette Square in the summer of 2020, forcing Secret Service agents to rush then-President Trump to an underground bunker for safety, he referred to their actions as a “terrorist assault.”

“This is a terrorist assault in our country, and rioting cannot be tolerated,” he said at the time on Fox News’ “Outnumbered Overtime.”


How did Cooper and Reid respond at the time? They both attacked the then-president.

“He’s hiding in a bunker and he’s embarrassed that people know that, so what does he have to do? He has to sic police on peaceful protesters so he could make a big show, the little big man, walking to a closed-down church,” Cooper said.

FYI, the so-called “peaceful protesters” were violent extremists who’d attacked U.S. Capitol authorities just like some Jan. 6th rioters had …


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