TIPP: A compliant media makes a mockery of checks and balances

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The 30 to 40 year liberal initiative to pack college hallways with academics who lean decidedly left has been delivering victories to the Democrats. As products of our educational institutions gained positions of power in government, K-Street, the Press, and other influential organizations, the liberal stamp of the Beltway have become apparent everywhere. And last week, it all came together when, without any opposition from the media, major changes were pushed through in Washington, with no discussion.

A $1.7 trillion omnibus bill, 4451 pages long, was voted quickly by both parties for it to become law. Contained in the bill was a $45 billion package to Ukraine, on top of the $60 billion package voted through earlier in the summer. There were changes made to the electoral certification process. And the J6 committee published its final report, expectedly holding former President Donald Trump as the sole instigator of the so-called insurrection in January last year.

Each of these seismic policies was adopted, with no one in Congress resorting to the usual debates that gave the United States Senate a moniker as the most deliberative institution in the world. There was no discussion whatsoever. The whole process was concluded in the back rooms by staffers and lobbyists. All our elected representatives did was vote for it.

Voters gave the GOP control of the House to check the excesses of the Biden administration. Yet the Republican Party rubber-stamped a bill that would fund the government until September 2023, surrendering the one power that the majority has – controlling the purse on federal spending.

When the conduct of Congress is so shameful, it has been traditionally left to the media to call our leaders out and hold them accountable. But the Fourth Estate is packed with reporters and editors who are even more left-wing than the politicians they cover. Many are probably ruing that the omnibus bill didn’t include even more spending for their pet projects and are delighted that the Biden administration’s policy priorities will escape scrutiny.

So the media gladly went along, only reporting about the process but not questioning anything at all.

At Nancy Pelosi’s final press conference, not one reporter confronted her. She abused the term “democracy” repeatedly, even going so far as to call President Trump “What’s his name,” a slightly uncharacteristic of someone who was third in line for the presidency. No reporter challenged the powerful Speaker’s distasteful choice of words.

No one asked her if she was responsible for upsetting the precarious balance of peace in the Taiwan Strait when she needlessly visited the island nation against the wishes of the Biden administration.

When she urged House Members to appear in full force to support Ukraine, no reporter asked her why not a single shot was fired across the border with Russia for four years when “What’s his name” was president.

No one questioned her why she did not oppose a needless security arrangement with Ukraine last November that has brought us close to World War III. Worse, for a leader who has made women’s and children’s rights hallmarks of her brand, not one reporter asked her why she continues to support a war that brings untold misery to millions of women and children worldwide.

The Constitution’s First Amendment grants the Press substantial protections to fearlessly confront and challenge those in power. Investigative journalism reached the pinnacle of the fourth estate’s efforts during Watergate when President Nixon resigned in disgrace, in August 1974, after winning a landslide victory in 1972.

Today’s media is a sad shadow of that glorious era. With no media checks and balances present, the 52 percent of voters who chose the GOP to hold the liberals accountable and represent them are completely powerless. Much to the Left’s glee!

What a sorry state of affairs to usher in a new Congress.



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