Top designer denies association with recent Balenciaga campaign as her alleged SICK Instagram goes dark

After the immense backlash from their disturbing, child-featured, BDSM teddy bear handbag promotion, the scrutiny of fashion brand Balenciaga has dredged up dark ties that led one designer to make private her own social media over the dark content reportedly found there.

Russian-born Lotta Volkova has worked with Balenciaga in the past and at one point had earned the description “coolest stylist in the industry” by Vogue and had even been dubbed the “it girl.” Now she has come under fire for a history of posting images depicting disemboweled, bound adults and kids, along with Satanic sacrifices of children.

Initially, an image of a model in red carrying two baby dolls that looked to be covered in blood had circulated with many claiming it to be Volkova and naming her Balenciaga’s chief designer.

While that fact has been questioned, and a spokesperson for Volkova has denied any role in the recent controversial campaign run by Balenciaga, Christian commentator Oli London, former MMA fighter Jake Shields and others were among those highlighting the content that the designer did have on her Instagram page.

Attempting to demonstrate that the reported-on campaign was more than just an isolated incident, the posts that were shared identified a pattern of behavior with the brand’s associations. As London alleged, “Everyone at the Top of Balenciaga are being exposed as sick satanists.”

“They all share a common theme- they are obsessed with Child Sacrifice, sexualising children, pushing their ‘Pedo’ agenda,” she added before asserting, “Don’t forgive any of them and hold them all accountable. They all belong in Jail!”

Shields featured some of the images found on Volkova’s account as did The Informant, a social media account that highlighted comments from the posts as well including one from famed stylist Marc Jacobs who noted a disturbing image of a child, “So good.”

Warning: Graphic

Other images reportedly featured teddy bears in positions akin to sexual acts, in bondage like the recent Balenciaga campaign, and a bedroom that looked as though a murder had occurred in it that Volkava had credited to @alban_adam with the hashtag “thatkindamorning.” Adam is a creative director based in London.

A spokesperson for Volkova spoke to Newsweek and said, “she condemns the abuse of children in any form,” and further stated, “Lotta Volkova has not worked with Balenciaga or its team since 2017 and she has in no way participated in the brand’s recent Instagram or advertising campaigns.”

London reported on that as well when she updated that, “Balenciaga stylist Lotta Volkova has deleted more than 100 of her sick posts in the last 24 hours. She is also claiming she hasn’t worked for brand for 5 years despite being constantly around the designer & Balenciaga team.”

Newsweek reached out to Balenciaga and Vetements, a brand co-created by the former’s creative director where Volkova had worked, for comment and as yet had provided no response.

Kevin Haggerty


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