Trump declares illegal aliens, terrorists and China better off under Biden, but not Americans

Festivities for the former president’s birthday included a dire message detailing why America has become “a country that’s being laughed at all over the world.”

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While the senior moment-stacked summit with the G7 arguably stood alone as evidence of the nation’s trajectory under President Joe Biden, his GOP rival managed to pack in the slew of “accomplishments” from the incumbent that had left the “world in flames.”

Joined by supporters from Club 47 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, former President Donald Trump celebrated his 78th birthday with a side-by-side comparison of administrative track records that boiled down to, “The fact is, our country is going to hell…”

“Now under ‘Crooked’ Joe Biden, the world is in flames. We have a country that’s being laughed at all over the world,” expressed the once commander-in-chief after those gathered had sung “Happy Birthday.”

“Our border is overrun, inflation is raging, Europe is in chaos, the Middle East is exploding, Iran is totally emboldened — they were broke when I was president — China is on the march, and the worst, most incompetent, most corrupt president in history is dragging us toward World War III,” laid out Trump.

“Under ‘Crooked’ Joe Biden, illegal aliens are better off, terrorists are better off, China is better off, Russia is better off, the cartels are better off, but the American people were far better off when you had a president named Donald J. Trump. Has anyone heard of him?” the smiling guest of honor posited, earning cheers from his supporters.

Without needing to mention Biden’s wandering away from other G7 leaders or his awkward close encounter with Pope Francis, the businessman-turned-politician contrasted:

“Under my leadership, we had no wars. Instead of a globalist warmonger in the White House, you had a peacemaker at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We had energy independence and soon would have been energy dominant. We were dominant all over the world within a matter of months — we were gonna be energy dominant, but we went to number one in the world under Trump.”

“I gave you record tax cuts, record inflation was knocked out. We had inflation like you’ve never had it and now we have more inflation than probably — you know they like to say 52 and then 62 and then 75 years. I think it’s the highest inflation we’ve ever had as a country. It’s a country buster.”


“No one cut regulations to the extent that I did,” furthered Trump. “We had rising wages and we lifted up all Americans: black, brown, white and everything else. They were all lifted up. Everybody had jobs. Everybody was doing well. Women. Men. Everybody was doing well.”

“We stood up to China like nothing, like nobody has ever done…when no other president had literally gotten 10 cents from China, we brought in hundreds of billions of dollars from China,” he contended before noting, “We did something that everybody said you couldn’t do it or it would take years. We quickly obliterated the ISIS caliphate and we kept radical Islamic terrorists and jihadists the hell out of our country.”

“We never had an attack when I was president. We never had an attack ’cause we kept ’em out,” the president asserted. “We had the strongest border in the history of our country. Now we have the weakest border in the history of the world. Very simple. It’s not good. What’s happening in our country is not good.”

“The fact is our country is going to hell and we’re gonna stop it, we’re gonna stop it fast,” assured Trump.

The Associated Press cited Club 47 President Larry Snowden when detailing that the event had sold out at 5,000 tickets ranging from $35 to $60 per person.

Kevin Haggerty


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