Trump leaves mom of teen murdered by illegal migrant shocked by personal phone call moments before debate

A phone call moments before the presidential debate left the mother of murdered 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray “shocked” and awaiting further contact from the GOP leader.

Earlier in June, yet another tragedy was wrought by President Joe Biden’s border crisis when a child in Houston, Texas was allegedly brutalized and strangled to death by two Venezuelan nationals before her half-naked body was found floating in a creek. While the resident-in-chief attempted to shirk responsibility for Nungaray’s violent death, and the deaths of others on his watch, former President Donald Trump’s compassion left a mark on the victim’s family.

“He was like, ‘I’m actually about to come on for a debate’…He gave his condolences, and he said that he would be reaching back out to her,” explained Victoria Galvan to the New York Post.

Described as the best friend to Alexis Nungaray, Jocelyn’s mother, Galvan recounted that when Trump had called, “He wanted to…say that he was praying for Alexis and that he’s been thinking about her and he wanted to reach out. He said that he was going to reach out in a couple days to her…I mean, she was really…we were all shocked.”

Like Laken Riley, Rachel Morin and other victims of what the GOP leader’s campaign referred to as “Biden Migrant Crime,” the suspects had been determined to have entered the United States illegally during the current administration.

As both were charged with capital murder following the reported two hours of torture committed against the girl, so too were both previously reported to have been released into the country on their own recognizance with a scheduled court appearance and GPS monitor. While one had entered via El Paso in March, the other had done the same only weeks before Nungaray’s death, illegally crossing into the United States on May 28th

Trump, who’d repeatedly demonstrated his concern for victims of violent crime, including attending the wake of the posthumously promoted 31-year-old NYPD Det. Jonathan Diller in April, had made a note of his call to the victim’s mother during Thursday’s debate when he said, “I just spoke to the mother and they just had the funeral for this girl, 12 years old, this is horrible what’s taken place.”

Meanwhile, Biden had attempted to defend his globalist open border policies by further gaslighting over Republicans stonewalling the so-called “bipartisan border deal” that, like the president’s executive order, merely facilitated the continued entry of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens every year through asylum claims while failing to address the hundreds of thousands of other entries.

As others showed their compassion for the Nungaray family, more than tripling the fundraising goal that had been established to help the victim’s mother and little brother, Galvan suggested to the Post that Jocelyn, like others, would not have been surprised by the attention to the tragic story.

Kevin Haggerty


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