Time Magazine cover of Biden leaves jaws dropped

The media is no longer able to hide the deterioration of President Joe Biden who revealed himself as exactly who critics said he is during the nationally televised CNN debate on Thursday.

Only a week removed from insisting that videos of the 81-year-old White House occupant’s senior moments were “cheap fakes” and right-wing lies, there is now a frantic effort to provide an accurate and honest depiction of the geriatric leader’s shortcomings.

The latest to jump on the Biden-bashing bandwagon is Time magazine which features a blood-red cover with Biden exiting stage right and the word “Panic” to describe the very serious dilemma that his party now finds itself in after the debate gave the game away that they were trying to foist off a feeble fossil on the American electorate.

The outlet’s story describes how Biden’s handlers mistakenly believed that the octogenarian Democrat was adequately prepared for the high-stakes debate with former President Donald J. Trump, a chance to reverse months of dismal polling and that in a pep talk to donors this week, First Lady Jill Biden told a jittery group: “Joe’s ready to go. He’s prepared.”

“Fact check: false,” Time clocked in with a brutal assessment of the dumpster fire in Atlanta.

“But the reality remains: everyone in America who tuned in to the debate could see for themselves how Biden has aged. Already locked into what is at best a neck-and-neck race with Trump, Biden’s path to victory suddenly seemed to be turning into a dead-end before Democrats’ eyes,” the outlet wrote.

“That left the party asking two questions. Was there any way to get him off the ticket? And if not, was there any chance to stagger across the finish line with a deeply flawed candidate? Either way, it was nothing like what Biden and his team had plotted while secluded at the presidential retreat of Camp David in Maryland’s mountains for six full days of rehearsal in an airplane hangar and movie theater,” Time added in its article that is indicative of the deep doubts about Biden that have swept over his party and its media handmaidens.

It’s interesting to note that the cover that is featured on both Time’s X feed on its website has a date of August 5, 2024. A massive editorial mistake? Or was it already ready to roll out at a later date and had to be rushed after the debate?


Time sparked a lively discussion on X as users chimed in with their takes along with a few alternate versions of this week’s cover story.

Also on Friday, The New York Times called for Biden to drop out of the race, potentially setting off a chain reaction in the normally friendly media now that it’s no longer possible to convince the normies that he’s fit as a fiddle after he faceplanted in Atlanta.

Chris Donaldson


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